How to Make Easy Candy Wrapper Key Fobs

Eat the candy, then make these easy candy wrapper craft projects!


Lazies, I buy candy for the pretty wrappers to make candy wrapper crafts. It’s true! Candy wrappers are a source of novelty ‘fabric’ waiting for fun and attention. Grab the printable tutorial (a $9.95 value) for FREE below.

What could be sweeter than key fobs sporting your favorite candy wrappers! Next time you are at the grocery, collect colorful, bright, and tasty candy wrappers, laminate with my Slicker iron-on vinyl, then stitch up some sweet key fobs. Make a few or a slew! Then join the Lazy Girl community online at Facebook to share pics, tips and fun.
Free Tutorial: Easy DIY Candy Wrapper Key Fobs
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Supplies: Makes several Candy Wrapper Craft Key Fobs

  • Candy wrappers of choice! I chose bags printed for Easter
  • Cotton strapping at 1 1/4” wide or use your favorite purse handle directions to make a strap
  • Slicker Iron-On Glossy Vinyl, SLG1021 from Lazy Girl Designs
  • Key Fob Hardware at 1 1/4” wide, LGD711 from Lazy Girl Designs

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What Is Slicker Iron-On Glossy Vinyl

I love the versatility of our Slicker Iron-On Glossy Vinyl! It’s a layer of vinyl, with adhesive on one side, and comes with a paper backing. In the picture below, you can see the roll of pre-cut Slicker SLG1021 toward the top; a piece of Slicker with the corner peeled from the paper backing; and the candy wrapper bag rinsed, cut open, and fused with Slicker.

Laminate Candy Wrappers for DIY Crafts

Getting Started

  • Rinse, pat dry, and cut open candy wrapper.
  • Fuse Slicker Iron-On Glossy Vinyl to top side of candy wrapper.

How To Apply Slicker Iron-On Glossy Vinyl

  • Work on a hard and supportive surface like a countertop or cutting mat.
  • Peel and save the paper backing.
  • Place the vinyl with adhesive side on top of the candy wrapper and smooth in place.
  • Slicker is re-positionable so you can pick it up and move it if needed before fusing.
  • Place a sheet of paper under the candy wrapper to protect your pressing surface.

How To Fuse Slicker Iron-On Vinyl

  • Use the Slicker paper backing as a pressing sheet and place it with the shiny side down on top of the Slicker.
  • Test fuse a small piece of the candy wrapper if you are not using the whole wrapper.
  • Press according to the directions from the Slicker packaging to fuse Slicker to the candy wrapper.
  • You’re working with plastic and warm iron, be quick about things.

Cut and Sew Strips Together

Free Tutorial: Easy DIY Candy Wrapper Key Fobs Free Tutorial: Easy DIY Candy Wrapper Key Fobs Free Tutorial: Easy DIY Candy Wrapper Key Fobs– Cut strips 1 1/2” wide. Each fob needs 14” length total.
– Place strips right sides together and seam to get the length needed.

Free Tutorial: Easy DIY Candy Wrapper Key Fobs

Position Candy Wrapper Strips on Cotton Strap

  • Finger press the seam open and trim seam allowances.

Free Tutorial: Easy DIY Candy Wrapper Key Fobs Sewing Tip: Add Double Sided Sewing Tape for Control Sewing Tape is a Helping Hand

  • Carefully fold under long edges of wrapper strip so it is narrower than the cotton strap.
  • Lazy Tip: The seam allowance area is the most unruly. Add a bit of double-sided adhesive tape to the wrapper where shown.
  • Peel paper backing and adhere wrapper to strap. Secure this area to help manage the project.

Free Tutorial: Easy DIY Candy Wrapper Key Fobs

Sew Candy Wrapper to Cotton Strap, Add Key Fob

  • Straight stitch on the wrapper, close to the edge, through all layers.

Free Tutorial: Easy DIY Candy Wrapper Key Fobs Free Tutorial: Easy DIY Candy Wrapper Key FobsKey Fob Hardware and Split Rings

    • Stitch the second edge of the wrapper.
    • Trim the ends of the project as needed. Final length of 12-13” is good.
    • Fold the strap in half, matching the ends. Take a few stitches through the ends to keep them together.
    • Place ends in the key fob hardware and finger press or use pliers to close the hardware, clamping down on the strap. Enjoy!

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Key fobs made from pretty candy wrappers.

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Print it and keep it with your patterns for reference.

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