Sweet Keepers DIY Valentine Tutorial

Lazies, What could be sweeter than sweets-filled soft Valentines? These little heart pockets are quick, tasty and full of love. Perfect for gifting. Read on for all the details, then grab your FREE pattern below!

Supplies: Makes three
– Two 10″ squares of coordinating fabric, ‘Rainy Day’ by Me and My Sister for Moda Fabrics
– 5/8″ Buttons, ‘Green Glow’ JABC8 Button-Up Snack Pack from Just Another Button company
Baker’s Twine 10″ length for each heart (yarn or floss work, too!)
Frixion Erasable Markers or other marking tools
– Coordinating thread, shown is Aurifil 40wt color #2545
– Sweet Keeper pattern with Templates, download the free Sweet Keepers pattern at the bottom of this page.

Be sure to see our follow-up post with more Sweet Keeper tips here.

Inside the Hearts
– Stiff Stuff 10″ squares, item SLG107SQ, four 10″ squares
– Fuse-Bond Lite lightweight iron-on adhesive web SLG1011, 17″ x 1.25yds

Tutorial: Let’s Get Started!
1. Print the pattern with templates (link at end of this post).
Optional – laminate your templates using my Slicker tutorial.

2. Cut and press Fusi-Bond Lite to the back of each fabric square.

3. Peel paper backing, fuse fabrics to both sides of one Stiff Stuff square to make a beautiful ‘sandwich’. Yum!

4. Trace and cut three each of the Large and Medium Hearts.

5. Zigzag around all edges of each heart in a coordinating thread. My BERNINA 740 is zooming along the edge beautifully!

6. Stitch button to each Medium Heart. Make sure to keep button 1/2″ from the edges. Purple thread on a green heart – be still my heart (yes, I went there). This is BERNINA foot 20D.

7. Stack Medium Heart on top of Large Heart. Hold with sewing clips. Place pins to mark where to  start/stop stitching (see Medium Heart template).

8. Straight stitch on the Medium Heart, on top of the zigzag, through all layers from pin to pin. If your presser foot doesn’t have room next to the button, move your needle position to the left or switch to a narrower foot to accommodate.

9. Fold 10″ length of baker’s twine in half and place behind the button (see green twine), tie in a knot (purple twine), trim ends (blue twine).

Done! Fill each heart with candy or a love note. Perfect for Hershey’s miniatures or Ghirardelli chocolate squares.

More Fun
If you like this project, try our Button Boats, Hang On, and other Stiff Stuff craft patterns.

Make a few or a slew, fill with treasures, gift to friends!

Claim your FREE printable tutorial below!

To mail your sweet valentine, place an index card or other sturdy paper on top (covering the button) inside the mailing envelope. If sending chocolate, consider putting the Sweet Keeper in a plastic zip bag first. Be sure to use the correct postage for an item of this thickness.

More Tips
Be sure to see our follow-up post with more Sweet Keeper tips here.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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