You’ll Love These Stylish Secure Bags For Home And On The Go

Make a crossbody bag and small zipper pouches to stay organized and secure at home and on the go, travel.

Lazies, Stay organized and secure in style with these cute zippered pouches and a smart crossbody bag. Zoey Zips pouches are perfect for sewing notions, travel gear, a pencil case and more. And the Lexi Carryall is the perfect cross-body bag to keep your purse items safe and tidy on the go. Make them in fabrics you love to stay organized and secure in style.


small zipper pouches and a crossbody style purse

Zoey Zips: Zipper Pouches in Two Sizes

These pencil-case styled zipper pouches are so useful and handy. And these pouches up the ante with cute basket-style zipper handles. The sewing pattern includes two sizes to keep all your goodies organized in a zip! Cut squares, add a zipper and sew!

What would you use these small zipper pouches for? Well, think of all the ways you use plastic zip bags for keeping small items together. These fabric zip bags are just as useful.

Close-up view of two zippered pouches

Zoey Zips pattern, item LGD146

Here are some of the ways I am using Zoey pouches

I’m visualizing Zoey made in theme fabrics for all of these different uses.

  • My make-up brushes
  • Nail polish supplies
  • Sewing kit or notions
  • Coffee/tea supplies
  • First aid kit

Pattern cover for Zoey Zips small zipper pouches.
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Make Useful and Stylish Handles From Zippers

Create these sassy basket-style handles from left over zipper length. How cool is that? Bags of this size and shape can be hard to grab and hold on to. But these unique handles are easy to grab a hold of, or they can be used to hang the bag from a hook. That means these handles offer an extra layer of security not usually seen on bags similar in size and shape.

Close-up view of zipper detail on a pouches and a cross body bag

Small Zoey needs a 14″ zipper to have enough length
for the bag closure as well as handles.

Small Pouches Make Travel More Sane

Have you ever arrived at the hotel after a long trip, opened your suitcase and found your belongings in chaos? At a minimum, Zoey is perfect for keeping things together inside a suitcase. And because of its pencil-case shape, Zoey can be tucked inside a boot or shoe to save room. Carry toiletries in Zoey, then hang on a hook in the hotel bathroom.

Group of small zipper pouches in coordinating fabrics and zippers

Make a coordinated set! I use several Zoey bags to keep outfits together when I travel. A small Zoey will hold jewelry or small clothing items for an outfit. Then I slip the handle onto a hanger and keep it with the outfit.

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Zipper As Design Element

Now, this is more than cool, by using the zipper as handles on this project, we are continuing the color story of our fabric and supplies. The zipper handles are the same color as the zipper closure and that offers visual continuity across the whole pouch.

Clsoe-up view of side seam on two zippered pouches

It’s almost as though the zipper goes into the seam and comes out the top of the bag like a loop on a roller coaster before disappearing back into the seam.

Close up of a zipper used as a handle in a seam.

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Lazy Tip: Did you notice the waxed cotton cording on the zipper pulls? Cotton Waxed Cording 1.0mm

For more zippered pouch projects, try the Bendy Bag here.

Lexi Carryall Crossbody Bag

Leave the kitchen sink at home, Lexi carries all you really need when on the go! Everyone needs a smart, cross-body bag with an adjustable strap.

Lexi has a zippered main compartment loaded with pockets and holds a standard 500ml water bottle. Front zip pocket is perfect for quick access to secure storage.

Close up of a cross body bag

Lexi Carryall pattern, item LGD147

Lexi hangs close to the body, keeping all of your possessions safer and more secure than other larger or shoulder bag style purses.

Sloce-up view of back of crossbody bag showing back pocket

Do you rummage around the bottom of your bag for little things? The slip back pocket is large and deep to keep convenience items handy. Use this pocket to keep written lists, candy, napkin, lip balm, and more. You know that small stuff that can get lost at the bottom of your bag. Keep that stuff in the back pocket where you can get to it without dumping your bag.

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Always Carry A Bottle of Water In Your Bag

I love being able to carry a bottle of water in my bag. Lexi is wide and deep enough to accommodate a standard 500ml water bottle. Hey look, there’s my cell phone nestled nicely, too.

View of inside of cross body bag showing water bottle and cell phone

Lexi is loaded with slip pockets around the inside lining of the bag, offering organization for all that you carry. That’s a pen pocket near the water bottle.

Zippered Bag Opens From Edge To Edge

Take a minute to notice the unique zipper installation. I use a new technique on Lexi which allows the zipper to bend over the edges of the bag and open from end to end for crazy-good access. This means I can open the bag and see everything and get into and out of the bag quickly. Use a double-pull 4.5mm zip for best results.

Close-up view of end of zipper on a crossbody bag

Some bags offer an opening that is restricted with fabric tabs at the ends of the zipper which creates an opening that is challenging to use at best. You can’t see things, your hand rubs against the zipper, you wrestle to get large items in or out – ugh, it’s frustrating.

Adjustable Strap Offers Style, Options, and Security

Lexi has an adjustable shoulder strap, offering flexibility in how you carry the bag. The strap can be lengthened or shortened to wear cross-body or straight from the shoulder. 

Close-up view of end of adjustable strap with d-shaped ring

The ends of the shoulder strap are attached next to the zipper at the top edge of the bag. Tabs with ‘D’ or rectangular shaped rings are sewn into the seam at the zipper. A strap with an adjustable slide ring is then attached to both ‘D’ rings at the top edge of the bag.

By the way, you can hang other things from the ‘D’ ring like a gorgeous decorative tassel or a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

See how I used the adjustable strap from Lexi as inspiration for making Adjustable Elastic Ear Loops on a Face Mask

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Get The Zoey and Lexi Patterns

Zippered pouches in two sizes

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PDF Pattern: Order Zoey Zips PDF Digital Download Pattern


Buy Now: Lexi Carryall Pattern

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PDF Pattern: Order Lexi Carryall PDF Digital Download Pattern


PS: There’s a pocket inside Lexi that fits our Wonder Wallet pattern. Make the perfect wallet to coordinate with Lexi.

The Zoey and Lexi bag shapes are on trend right now!

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Close up of a cross body bag Zippered pouches in two sizes

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