How To Make Duct Tape Zip Bags That Will Delight

Lazies, Sometimes a quick no-sew project is just the thing I’m looking for. Head to the grocery store and get your plastic zip bags and some fun duct tape – we’re making pretties. I found some fun Duct Tape (link below) and made these in a few minutes for the kiddies at my upcoming family picnic. You know me, I had to do research. Read on for my tips and insights, then go make a ton of these quick and easy Duct Tape zippered bags.duct tape zip bags

Choosing Zip Slider Food Storage Bags

I bought a bunch of zip bags and compared brands. I settled on Hefty brand freezer bags for two reasons. Oh, and I chose quart size. The slider on the Hefty bag felt the most substantial and I thought it would hold up better than the others. I chose the freezer version because it’s more substantial than the regular food storage zip bags.duct tape zip bags

Decorative Duct Tape

I surfed a bit and found Duct Tape with all sorts of fun prints. The only thing I suggest to keep in mind is the orientation of the prints. The tape is applied across the bag, from side edge to side edge. Choose prints or designs that will look right going across the bag, not up and down. Link below.duct tape zip bags

A Few Tips

  • I used an old cutting mat and my crafting rotary cutter (for everything other than fabric).
  • Unroll the tape and lay it on the cutting mat. Cut with the rotary cutter.
  • If the tape end is ratty or unruly, trim it.
  • Try a practice bag to get the feel of working with and applying the tape.
  • Follow the video tutorial (link below) to apply tape to the zip bag.
  • I didn’t adjust the size of the bag, but I plan to try a few shorties, cutting the height of the bag down a bit. I plan to cut the bottom of the bag off leaving the height I desire, plus 1/2″. I’ll fold over the 1/2″ and tape that ‘seam allowance’ under the duct tape strips. That should product a leak-proof result. Let me know if you try it.

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Duct Tape With Repeat Patterns

Those cute campers and flamingos had a regular repeat and the colors ended up nicely grouped.duct tape ziplock bags

Whether To Line Up Prints or Not

The flag fabric is a random print of partial flags, and in my opinion it is the most successful result with regard to hiding the fact that this is tape. Overlapping the strips of tape works well with this design.ziplock food bags covered in duct tape

The gummy bears tape, with the orange-ish background, is a random print, but the tape edges still show. I love the groovy disco swirls, but the swirly design ends at the tape edge and therefore the tape edges do show.ziplock food bags covered in duct tape

How To Match Duct Tape Repeats

For the black and white zigzag with flowers, I cut the tape pieces longer than needed so I could shift the tape left/right as needed to match the zigzag.ziplock food bags covered in duct tape

The purple owls and the black sugar sculls didn’t line up as nicely as I had hoped.  ziplock food bags covered in duct tape

Summary and Uses for Duct Tape Zip Bags

The end result? The tape adds structure to the clear plastic part of the bag and it seems like a good match for the structure of the blue zip/slider at the top. The tape gives these usually single-use bags a boost to be used for all sorts of things.

These no-sew duct tape zip bags are great for pencil cases, make-up, snacks, and more.

So, there you go. Go get some fun tape and create a few of these gems.ziplock food bags covered in duct tape

Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I make a commission when you order items through that link.

Link for Duct Tape: Look around a bit, there are quite a few options.
Link for zip bags: This the type of bag I used. I found a pack of 15 at my grocery store.
Link for cutting mat: All you need is a small mat.

Here’s the video tutorial that got me started: How To Video

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