Free Tutorial: Easy Sew-In Support for Bag Bottoms

Lazies, Get ready to support your bags in a whole new and easy way! Check it out, then grab a FREE printable tutorial below. So let’s take a look at this crazy-good and convenient sew-in bag bottom, to support your next bag project. Be sure to see our announcement below, too.

Free Tutorial: Easy Sew-In Bag Bottom Support

Sew A Better Mousetrap

Our Stiff Stuff firm sew-in interfacing SLG107 can be cut to size and sewn directly into the bottom of your bag project. It’s lightweight, flexible, and yet sturdy enough to offer the support your bag needs. It offers flexibility that our acrylic, rigid, pre-cut Bag-E-Bottoms can’t.

Sew-in bag bottom will show on the finished bag

That extra line of stitching around the bottom of the bag means there’s Stiff Stuff built in.

Stiff Stuff Firm Interfacing

Stiff Stuff is a sew-in product. It is not fusible and there is no adhesive on it. Find Stiff Stuff on the bolt, packaged yardage, or in packaged squares online or at your local quilt shop.

Stiff Stuff Sew-In Firm Interfacing, Great for Bags!

Stiff Stuff Firm interfacing on the bolt in 20″ width. Perfect for medium to large bags, plus sew-in bag bottom support. Item SLG107, SLG10720 from Lazy Girl.

Stiff Stuff Firm interfacing in the 20″ x 40″ package. Enough for a medium to large bag, plus sew-in bag bottom support. Item SLG1071 from Lazy Girl.

Stiff Stuff for Bag Support

Custom cut and add Stiff Stuff after sewing the bottom seam, but before sewing the side seams. I use our Candice pattern LGD130 in this tutorial.

Determine Size

– Sew the bottom seam of your bag, press the seam allowance open.
– Measure the width and length of the bottom of your bag where shown.
– Cut the base 1” shorter than the length and the same width as the cut-out corners.
– Keep the base 1/2″ from the cut edges of the project to accommodate seam allowances.

Measure, cut, stitch for bag bottom support

Number of Layers

– Because Candice is a large-ish bag, I used two layers of Stiff Stuff. In this case, I just cut one long piece and folded it in half.
– Use one layer of Stiff Stuff for small to medium sized bags. Use two layers for larger bags.
– When using two layers, add a bit of glue/tape between the layers just to keep them together during stitching.

Know how much interfacing to use in your bag bottom

Stitch In Place

– Lengthen your stitch a bit to accommodate sewing through all the layers and stitch 1/4″ from the base edge.
– Stitch through all layers to attach the base to your project.
– Tip: You can use double sided tape or a bit of glue to hold the base in place while sewing.

Sewing Tip: Add tape or glue between layers hold bag bottom support in place while sewing.

Finish and Enjoy!

– Finish the side seams and box the bottom corner seams.
– You can see the Stiff Stuff is safely away from the seams.
– Stiff Stuff is flexible enough to easily turn the bag right sides out.

Stiff Stuff interfacing sewn into a tote bag for bag bottom support

– The stitching will show on the outside bottom of your bag.
– Tip: use a thread color that coordinates with the fabric.

Sew-in bag bottom will show on the finished bag

This simple trick of sewing the Stiff Stuff base into your bag provides stay-in-place support for great posture. Look at this gorgeous Girl. These fabrics are ‘Harlow’ from QT Fabrics.

Candice bag from Lazy Girl Designs has great bag bottom support to stand up!

Hello gorgeous! Candice LGD130 looks great in all fabrics.

Additional Bag Bottom Options

Another way to incorporate Stiff Stuff support is to create a false bottom that sits on top of the lining of your finished bag. To make, cut to size and cover with fabric, then place inside your finished bag. It will be held in place by the purse contents.

Purse feet can be added through the Stiff Stuff for extra stability.

Note – Since our Bag-E-Bottoms were sized to fit our bags, you can simply cut Stiff Stuff to those dimensions and you are good to go!

Where To Buy Pattern and Supplies

Get our Candice pattern here:

I Want This

Stiff Stuff is available in yardage cut from the bolt (SLG107, SLG1071, SLG10720), or
Pre-cut packs of 10″ squares (SLG107SQ).

Check your local quilt shop for both. The 10″ squares will work for small/medium bags. Pick up a 1/2-1 yard from the bolt and tuck away so you always have it. Stiff Stuff can be folded/rolled. Press with a press cloth and heat/steam to remove wrinkles/folds.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Bag-E-Bottoms are Retiring
I introduced our line of Bag-E-Bottoms acrylic bag bases in 2003 and it changed the way we bag. With this better mousetrap, we are retiring our line of Bag-E-Bottoms. You’ve served us well, sweet friends! When current inventories at our warehouse are gone, that’s it.

Use Stiff Stuff instead of Bag E Bottoms acrylic bag bottom

Shop Owners

The small bits left over at the end of the Stiff Stuff bolts are great for bag bottoms.
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Free Tutorial: Easy Sew-In Bag Bottom Support


Stiff Stuff Bag Support

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