Laminate Your Own Fabric for Easy-Clean Projects

Lazies, Have you tried our Slicker Iron-On Glossy Vinyl to laminate your fabric? If not, here’s a great new reason to give it a try: the new Glo and Go pattern from Annie Unrein has done it again with this cute duo that wrangles and corrals your essentials beautifully. Use Slicker to laminate the lining fabric, then wipe clean for easy maintenance.

Glo and Go, item PBA269. (photo

What Is Slicker Iron-On Glossy Vinyl?
Slicker is a sheet of glossy vinyl with a fusible adhesive on one side that allows you to laminate fabric or paper. The fusible is covered and protected by a paper backing. Slicker can be fused to flat surfaces such as fabric and paper.

When fused in place, fabric or paper stays soft. Slicker can be stitched through, just remember to lengthen your stitch so as not to perforate the vinyl. Use clips instead of pins when possible.

Why Use Slicker
Fuse Slicker to fabric to laminate it and make it water-resistant. It’s perfect for make-up bags or other projects you’d like to easily clean with a wipe.

Slicker can be fused to paper, too! Laminate signs for your front door. Turn a child’s artwork into a placemat. Just fuse Slicker to one or both sides. See our tutorial here: Slicker Tutorial.

Slicker How-To: Peel, Stick, Press, and Stitch!

  • Peel the paper backing.
  • Place sticky side against right side of fabric.
  • Use paper backing as a press cloth and fuse, then remove paper.
  • Stitch your project! Save the paper backing for touch-up pressing.
  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not launder in washing machine.

Use paper backing for a press cloth. (photo

Remove paper and reveal gorgeousness! (photo

Use Slicker to make Candy Wrapper Key Fobs.

Glo and Go from
The Glo and Go pattern includes two designs: a handy folding wrap and a zippered bag. Together, this dynamic duo is perfect for make-up, craft supplies, travel essentials and more.

Save Those Slicker Scraps
I keep all the leftover bits and pieces of Slicker to laminate small things such as templates, gift tags, or refrigerator art.

Keep all the cuttings in an envelope with the instructions. Use the small pieces to laminate a sign for your front door, or a favorite saying to hang on the fridge.

Slicker Product Details
Our Slicker is available in 1yd cuts (17″ x 36″, item SLG1021), or on the bolt (17″ x 10yds, item SLG102).

Shop Owners stocks our pre-cuts of Slicker for one-stop shopping. Slicker is also available at Checker, Brewer, United Notions, and EE Schenck.

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