11 Must-Have Sewing Room Equipment Finds

Lazies, A sewing machine isn’t the only piece of sewing equipment available. Whether you have a dedicated sewing room or pack things up and stow them away, good tools and sewing equipment make sewing more enjoyable and successful. These are some of my favorite finds for my sewing space and craft room. Treat yourself to that special something or upgrade to a better piece of sewing equipment.

I’ve been sewing for decades and I’m still finding just the right problem solvers or basics for my sewing space. When you come upon a great find, it’s worth sharing. The following are some of the pieces of equipment I’m happy with and you might be on the hunt for some of these, too.

Where To Buy

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Sewing Chair with Good Support

Oh my, I’ve been through so many sewing chairs that I’ve lost track. A year or so ago I went to a sewing retreat and fell in love with the chairs. So I reached out to the retreat owner for info and was shocked to find out how affordable these chairs were.

I immediately bought one for my sewing room. I love the lumbar support! The chair swivels, rolls, and leans back. The arms also raise up and out of the way. Love, love, love this chair.

Click image for more info.

In fact, I love it so much that I bought a second chair for my office. Love it there as well.

Irons: Three Sizes for Different Needs

Singer Steam Press
A steam press is a really big iron. Really big. I bought mine years ago and I’m grateful every time I use it. I can fuse interfacing to fabric in seconds. This is amazingly handy when I have a lot of fusing to do. I also use it to fuse fleece to fabric.

This model has a range of heat settings and has a steam function. I use it dry, without steam. It’s a counter top model and it can be closed/locked and stored away when not in use. 

Click image for more info.

A Good Basic Iron
I’ve had a number of irons over the years and I always come back to Rowenta. They offer tons of styles and price points. Get one you can afford. Use the recommended water (tap or distilled) and keep the soleplate clean.

Click image for more info.

Travel Iron
A small travel iron is good for on the go and at home. Think of all of the small things you press. A travel iron is small enough to get inside a bag or other small project. They are darn handy. Includes a steam setting and has a long cord. Throw it in your luggage when traveling. 

Click image for more info.

Thread and Bobbin Management

Wow, this is a huge topic. In general, I wind a bobbin to go with every spool of thread and I need to keep those babies together for sewing sanity. I use golf tees to pair my thread and bobbin. There are lots of options out there, but this is quick, easy, and colorful – and it works for me, so that’s what I’m doing at the moment.

Click images for more info.

Project Supplies On The Go

These packing cubes and project zip bags are so handy! The blue bags shown are deep and accommodate thick or larger things. The flat zip pouches are more suited to flat or small things.

Click image for more info.

All of these are small, soft-sided, zippered pouches with a mesh panel so you can see what’s in there. Look, these sweethearts come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. I like a variety so I have what I need for different sizes of things/supplies. I use these when I take projects with me traveling.

Click image for more info.

Shelving, Drawers, and Cubbies

I always feel like I need more shelves and storage options for my sewing equipment and supplies, so these shelving and cubbies seem perfect. They are small so they can be fit in here or there – that’s especially nice if you don’t have an available wall for a full shelving unit. 

Click image for more info.

Arrange these 6 cubes and cubbies any way you like. Here they are shown stacked in two rows of three. Below, this set of rolling drawers can be tucked under a sewing table or in a closet if needed.

Click image for more info.

Project and Supply Storage

From zippers and purse hardware to project bits and pieces – I need help keeping it all sorted in my work space. So I like these storage items for lots of different things. All of these are clear so I can see what’s in them. And they stack, carry, and store easily. You’ll find a use for them.

– The large Sterilite bins with lids are fantastic for large projects or lots of supplies/fabric. They stack, you can see what’s in there – I have tons of these!
– The little container in the middle is a fabric strip container and it’s great for zippers.
– The ‘pizza box’ style bin is nice for small projects and supplies.
– Click images for more info.


More Sewing Room Recommendations

Find more of my finds and picks for extensions cords, notions, rulers, lights, and more in my Amazon store.
Note: This post contains affiliate links. I make a commission when you order items through that link.

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