How To Upcycle Yogurt Jars Into an Easy Button Display

Lazies, There is no such thing as too many buttons. And, my goodness, I do love seeing pretty things. So – what to do with this bounty of button beauty? Read on for how I upcycled some cute yogurt jars to keep me organized and create a beautiful display in the sewing room.

Oh, my, yum! Two of my favorites: tasty yogurt in a
cute jar and beautiful buttons from Just Another Button Company.

A Bounty of Button Beauty

If you love buttons as much as I do, there’s a decent chance you have some beauties laying around. And those cute buttons are an investment of time, money, and love. You picked them out and brought them home, knowing they would brighten and beautify a project.

Until you sew these sweet discs of color into a project, here’s a simple sewing room hack to organize and display these yummy friends. Use this sewing room hack to give them a proper home and make a gorgeous display at the same time.


Buttony gorgeousness by Just Another Button Company.
Hand-dyed, small-batch buttons, perfect for my designs.

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Oui Yogurt Jars are Cute as a Button

These cute little glass jars of Oui (pronounced ‘We’) yogurt by Yoplait are available at most grocery stores. I always share yogurt with my dog BonBon. She comes running to the kitchen when she hears me peel the foil lid off the jar!

These cute jars are almost as tasty as the yogurt they hold.

I feel guilty putting these cute jars in the recycle bin. They are perfectly good jars and darn cute. I didn’t realize that so many people love these jars that Oui offers lids for them! Enjoy some tasty yogurt, then upcycle the cute jar.

Easily Remove a Jar Label

When you are done with the darn tasty yogurt (perhaps having shared some with a friend), soak the jar in warm soapy water and remove the label. If there is any adhesive residue left on the jar, remove it with a product called Goo Gone. This is handy stuff. Put some on a paper towel and rub until the goo is gone.


Put a Lid On It

The yogurt is sealed with a throw-away foil lid. So you’ll need to purchase plastic lids separately. Some of the jars are plain, and some have delicate printed designs on them like these stripes. You can see how big the jar is. I’d say the jar can hold ‘a handful’ of stuff.

Cute, pre-decorated, handy-sized jars – and lids are available!

Plastic Lids That Are Made For Oui Jars

The Oui website sells packs of four lids in blue or clear. They are popular, so they can be out of stock from time to time – just check once in a while.

I chose blue lids for my jar adventure.

These jars nearly have a cult following among crafters. Just check Pinterest for all the many creative ways people are re-using these cutie-jars.

The lids are held in place by little bits of gummy goo. The goo between the package and the lids is so strong that it pulled the top layer of plastic off two lids and I didn’t care for that. Soak the package, lids and all, in warm water so the paper packaging falls apart. Then use Goo Gone or warm soapy water to lessen the adhesion and safely pull the gummy stuff off of the lids.

A tidy 4-pack of lids.

Store Jars Upside Down For Visibility

Turn my button world upside down! The lids have a good sturdy fit and I’m storing the jars at about counter-height. So I turned the jars upside down in order to see the pretty buttons instead of the lids.

A rainbow of pretty button-filled jars,
waiting to join a project in my sewing room.

Create a Functional Button Display

This little collection of beauty brings me joy. And I upcycled something and put it to good use. I did this myself, it’s pretty, and it makes me feel good. And there is a lot to be said for that.

Oh, my sweet buttony goodness!

Sewing Projects That Use Buttons

The gorgeous buttons in these jars are the ones I use on my Button Boats pattern design. Each boat uses four beautiful buttons with an embroidery floss tie closure.

Button Boats pattern by Lazy Girl Designs, item LGD138

Other Lid and Small Jar Options

These cute wooden lids are a nice alternative to the blue or clear lids.

Skip the yogurt and stock up on these cute jars and lid.

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