How To Flip Your Lid With This Guilt Free Sewing Hack

Storage Hack: Organize your sewing supplies with Parmesan cheese shaker lids on glass jars.

Lazies, Years ago, my dad discovered that his fave candy was small enough to fit through the holes of the ‘shaker’ side on the Parmesan lid. You know the one – the green lid with the three holes on one side and one big ‘pour it on’ hole on the other side.
 Glass jars filled with snacks

Instant Candy Dispenser Storage Hack

My dad cleaned and filled one of those plastic Parmesan containers to use as a candy dispenser. Dad thought that was dandy and I did, too.

What he didn’t know is those lids fit on many glass jars, including ‘regular mouth’ canning jars. So if you have some jars by Ball or Kerr, you are already half-way there!

Go Ahead and Indulge In The Cheese

I love cheese, so any excuse to add cheese to anything is okay with me. Now I buy this shaker of cheese guilt-free because I want that lid. When this cheese is on sale, it’s about the same price as buying the lid by itself. Can you believe that? So, getting the cheese with the lid is like a built-in bonus.

But – I didn’t know you can buy just the lids by themselves and in different colors! Oh, you know I had to check that out…and there are details below.

How To Fit Lids To Jars

To find a jar, simply match the lid size, then test to see if it fits. Remove the label and clean the jar. Then wash the plastic shaker lid and place it on a glass jar. 
Glass jar and parmesan cheese shaker jar shown together
If the lids match, there’s a decent chance
the plastic lid will fit on the glass jar.

Fill with assorted goodies and faves. My dad would be all over this shaker-top buffet of sweet and crunchy goodness that we keep on the kitchen counter. Just make sure the goodies fit through the big hole. Otherwise, you still have to take the lid off.
Glass jars filled with peanuts and chocolate
Tasty treats: peanuts, pecans, and M&Ms oh my!

The Ultimate in Laziness

This very well could be the ultimate in lazy, but I love that I don’t have to take the lid off. Using these cheese shaker tops allows for one-handed operation. I can pop the top open with one hand and pour.
That saves a step. I realize that sounds like a little thing, but it’s so convenient. I don’t have to find a place to set the top down, then pick it back up and put it back on. Just pop, pour, and close. Ahhhhh. Doesn’t that sound nice. Dad was certainly on to something here.

Storage Hack for the Sewing Room

Glass jars are great for sewing storage because you can see everything. I think of dad when I see these lids in my sewing room.
Glass jars filled with sewing supplies as a storage hack
Isn’t that jar with the mug handle just
the cutest? It was a jam/jelly jar.
Small items such as sewing clips work great in the jar. I don’t know about you, but when I reach into a pile of these clips, they are hard to pick up. But with this lid on a jar, I can shake out a few into my hand or on the work table. The lid also ensures that I don’t spill the clips everywhere.
One glass jar filled with sewing clips
Who wouldn’t love a shaker bottle of sewing clips!
Flip the lid and shake out a few.

Use jars with these lids to hold beautiful buttons, a collection of colorful zipper pulls, all of your sewing clips, and other small things. If you need help building a stash of these lids, ask family and friends to save their lids for you. Don’t tell them why – they might keep them for themselves.

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Lids Available In Pretty Colors for this Storage Hack

These cheesy lids are available without the cheese and in different colors. So skip the cheese if you like and buy the lids in the colors you want.

Cheesy Shaker Lids In Green or Red for Jars.

PS: A reusable drinking straw fits nicely through the three small holes for a great drink jar.

Orange and other color non-shaker, screw-on lids.

My dad would have loved using this cheesy hack in his workshop. I can almost see the jars filled with nails, screws, nuts and bolts. All perfectly organized in that only-dad-knows way. Makes me smile to think that he might have enjoyed how I hacked his hack on this one.

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Many jars with shaker top lids

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