How To Make A Wonder(ful) Cuppa Coffee To Go

Lazies, It never ceases to amaze me what you do with my designs. Lish Seem (one of our Yahoo Lazies) shares her ‘Wonder Cuppa’ in our next ‘Show Us Your Lazy’ project feature.

Lish’s ‘Wonder Cuppa’, ready for immediate gifting and sipping.

Here’s Lish:
On Wednesday, while relaxing in my chair…my brain jumped awake and said “I know what we can make for L and J’s birthdays next week”!!!

My body tried to totally ignore the brain… but you know how persistent they can be sometimes…so I proceeded to listen.

My brain suddenly remembered the Moda coffee fabric that was quietly sitting in my stash.

Lotta Latte Coffee Cups Brown 19121 11 Moda #1
Lotta Latte Coffee Beans Brown 19124 16 Moda #1

My brain decided that the Wonder Wallet, made from that fabric could easily become an emergency coffee kit for my coffee-drinking friends!!

Hmmmmmmm so the ‘Wonder Cuppa’ was born!

The Wonder Cuppa was born. You can’t make just one!

The emergency coffee kit is a Wonder Wallet made using Lazy Girl Designs’ pattern (LGD211), loaded with coffee goodies. The kit consist of: a Folgers coffee bag, a tea bag, an individual creamer packet, a sugar packet, a substitute sweetener packet, a stir stick and a napkin.

Coffee anyone?

The coffee bag is a single serve dippitinhotwater thingy and they are actually pretty good. The kit could very easily be adapted to a tea drinker by changing the fabric to some of that cute teacup stuff. I just love Wonder Wallets!!!

For variations on this theme, I think medical fabric would make a nice little first aid kit. Perfect for a purse or glove compartment or even a little ones’ back pack.

I also thought about making one out of barbecue fabric and putting in catsup, salt, pepper, maybe some mustard packets so you have what you need when you are eating on the run. Oh man!

These things are just so darn cute! I made three. One for each of the girls for a present and one for the Christmas box…. remember that?? Only 21 weekends left til Christmas! I also updated the blog and photo site with new stuff too. It’s been a good, productive weekend….hopefully the next week will be too!
– Lazy Girl Lish S from Indiana (I’m just tickled pink, actually, coffee brown.)

Thanks Lish! You can follow along with Lish’s adventures on her blog here and her flickr site here.


Fabric images courtesy of Moda Fabrics.