The Secret To Perfect Button Placement and Attaching Stacked Buttons

Lazies, As you’ve probably already noticed by now, I like buttons. From fancy to plain, I like them all. And I like to decorate or embellish with buttons.

In this Runaround Bag, I stacked large and small buttons to achieve the color mix and balance that I was looking for on this bag.

Today, I’m going to walk you through how I attach buttons for perfect placement. Oh, and a tip on attaching stacked buttons, too.

Super Secret Tip For Perfect Button Placement
First, decide on your buttons or button combinations. Decide where you want them on the project and what color thread to use.

1. Marking For Placement
I’m showing this in black and white so you can better see the markings. All markings are for the center of the buttons, which is between the two stitching holes.

First I marked a line across the project where I know I want the buttons placed. Then I found the center of the project and aligned it with the 6″ mark on a ruler (any inch mark will do).

Make a mark at 4″, 6″, and 8″ for the center of each button.

Then decide how far apart you would like your buttons. To do so, place the buttons on your project and just scoot them around until you are satisfied with their location. Then check the ruler to make sure they are evenly spaced if applicable. My big red buttons were 2″ apart on center. Then make a mark on your project at the center of your button. See the black marks in the photo above made at 4″, 6″, and 8″ just above the ruler.

Back side of project showing stitch location.

2. Stitch Your Guides
Stitch through the fabric with just the needle and thread for the first round of stitching. Start with the needle on the inside of the project, stitch through to the front, then to the back – skipping the button altogether at this point. Try to make your stitch match the spacing of the button holes, with your mark in the center of the holes. Remember, we marked for the center of the button, not for the stitching holes.

3. Attach That Beautiful Button
Once your needle is again on the inside of the project, you’ve just created the perfect guides for stitching your button in place. Use these entry and exit points for the first stitch to guide your needle when sewing the button in place. Go ahead and sew the button in place. Repeat for all buttons.

4. Double Time
To do two buttons on top of each other like I show here, stitch the first in place, stitching a few times.

Then while you are still working on the first button, simply pull your needle to the front again, through the first button, then pull it through the second button and complete the stitch.

Do a few more stitchings before you tie and knot the thread. Attach both buttons in one stitching – Lazy!

It helps if you use buttons with similar hole spacing. The green button was small enough to nest inside the indentation of the red button. The thread was an opportunity to carry the red color to the center of the stacked button embellishment and become part of the design.

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