Best Laid Plans…

Lazies, I was working on a holiday project to share today and it turned out so bad that I’m not sharing it – I’m hiding it. The idea went terribly wrong about halfway through and concluded with a thud. I looked at it and thought ‘I bothered to spend time on this? Goodness. I want to take it in a new direction and hope to share next week – but don’t hold me to it. I guess we’ll all find out together next Monday if the second time’s a charm.

In the meantime, hop over to Sew Thankful’s blog to see Tracy Chapman’s latest cutie – a free fabric ornament pattern. Easy, cute, fabulous. Thanks Tracy!

Sharing the bounty
Since my efforts at sewing turned out to be so futile, I decided to be productive in another area and get a few donations together.

First up, I raided the pantry and got some food-goodies together for the local food drive. If you’re thinking of doing the same and need to find a place to donate, start with this list at

Next, I raided the closets and found a few coats and other clothing items to contribute.

Finally, I raided my stash and put together a couple of boxes of fabric-goodies for a local group that does charity sewing. If you want to do the same and are looking for a place to donate, check with friends or your local quilt shop.

Lazy humor
When I designed the Miranda Day Bag last year, I tried a new approach to construct the outer part of the bag. Some Lazies noticed the departure and asked about it. Shortly after I released the pattern I received a call from a group of Lazies at their local quilt shop who asked why I would have them ‘cut fabric apart and sew it back together‘ for the cover of the bag. I said ‘You mean like…patchwork?’

Next week
Now, if that new idea goes astray, I’m hanging up my sewing for the rest of the month and picking up my crochet hook. I have an afghan from last year waiting for some attention.

Lazies, I’d love to hear your plans for giving this season as well as any great links for last minute holiday projects. Please post a comment and tell me all about it.

PS: According to the numbers at StatCounter, we’ve had over 1,000,000 Lazy blog visitors! That’s a lot of Lazies.