Stitch Wedding Essentials With These Handy Patterns

Lazies, What do you do when you are a sewist, there’s a wedding in the family, and you want to share some love? As the matron of honor, Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts thought it was important to spoil the bridesmaids & moms with gifts of wedding essentials for sister-in-law Leora and fiancé Carl’s big day. She made each of the 12 ladies a Becca Bag, a Sweetpea Pod, and a Fobio key fob. Read on to see these extraordinary gems. Then we’ll talk a little about how Julie customized these projects for this special occasion.

Becca To The Rescue!
Who wouldn’t love a Becca full of beauty essentials? Look at all of the goodness that fits in there.

Quick and Easy Bridesmaid Gifts

Becca is perfect for corralling all the essentials!

Check out this sea of gorgeous personalized Becca Bags! Julie relied on Spoonflower to print fabric with names, then she simply pieced the name strips with two other fabrics to create the outside of the bag.

Quick and Easy Zippered Pouches, Make a Bunch

It’s a crowd of gorgeous Becca Bags! LGD136

Sweetpea Pods To Hold Sweets
Even I’m shocked at all the goodies that fit inside Sweetpea.

Tiny Sweetpea Pods are perfect for holding essentials.

Make a pretty Sweetpea Pod LGD135 for sweets and goodies.

Julie says don’t be afraid to personalize your projects. I am diggin’ these bite-sized goodies.

A red zipper is a bold and perfect choice.

Perfectly personalized!

A little bit of love for everyone. Hello ladies!

Personalize your bridesmaid gifts!

Personalized Sweetpea Pods! LGD135

Fobio Comes In Handy!
Finally, Julie made a Fobio for everyone, too! Fobio can be attached to either Sweetpea or Becca to create a wristlet.

Unique key fob with multiple zipper pulls.

Fobio key fobs can be attached to the zip pull of Becca or Sweetpea to make a wristlet.

I love the gradation of zipper pulls on the Fobios.

Always color coordinate your zipper pulls and fabric!

Oh Fobio, Fobio, wherfore art thou, Fobio? LGD137

Fabric Planning
Let’s look at how Julie personalized all of these beauties for the lovely ladies in the wedding. Julie stayed within the wedding colors for the fabrics and zips.

Let me tell you, I know Julie has made a ton of Sweetpea Pods, Beccas, and Fobios so she knows her way around these projects. Julie designed and had fabric printed at @spoonflower for both bags.

Julie purchased the flower artwork and then she created her own fabric design to make sure the flowers and names landed perfectly for these custom Sweetpeas. I love seeing projects during construction.

Custom print fabric to make a statement!

Sweetpea Pods coming to life! LGD135

These personalized Becca Bags are such a great idea. I love how Julie incorporated the name.

Assembly line sewing zippered pouches.

Becca Bags LGD136

Julie says: Fabrics can shape the occasion, so don’t be afraid to piece or print/embroider to customize.

The Result
Everyone who received these beauties felt it was incredibly special that Julie used scraps of the wedding quilt.

A pile of Sweetpea Pods are perfect gifts.

Sweetpea Pods LGD135. It’s a bounty of beauties!

Here’s a peek inside Sweetpea.

Quick and easy small zipper pouches

Synchronized Sweetpea Pods!

Go-To Patterns
Be sure you have some quick, easy, and customizable patterns in your collection.
Here are the three patterns Julie used for these bridesmaid gifts.

Becca Bags: Three fabric fat quarters, a bit of fusible fleece and a zipper.
Becca Bags pattern by Lazy Girl Designs are quick and easy zipper pouches.

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Sweetpea Pods:
Two 10″ fabric squares, a bit of fleece and a zipper.
Sweetpea Pods pattern by Lazy Girl Designs are small zipper pouches.
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Fobio Key Fob: A 2″ fabric strip, a bit of fusible interfacing and a zipper.
Fobio Key Fob by Lazy Girl Designs
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Julie Herman and Jaybird Quilts
Thank you, Julie, for sharing this story and these beauties with us.
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Project photos courtesy of Julie Herman