What Do You Call a Group of Bendys?

Lazies, Bendys are showing up all over the place in multiples. You aren’t just making one…neither am I. So I figured it’s about time we decide on a name together! We have a flock of birds, a gaggle of geese…now we need a name for a collective of Bendy Bags. I’ve listed a few below. Post a comment and vote for your favorite or suggest something, too!

Julie Herman Bendy Bags
Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts made a bouquet of Bendys in her beautiful wedding colors.

I did a little…and I do mean little…research on collective names for animals and birds. Here are a few tried and true, and a few I’ve never heard of.

Name Bendy GroupPost a comment with your favorite name for a group of Bendys!

Linderellas Class
A boogle of Bendys made in class at Linderella’s Quilt Works recently.

Ana Earl Bendys

Ana Earl made the Bendy on the right, shown in Color Crush from Timeless Treasures. Ana made hers at a retreat this weekend, where it happens another Lazy Girl was working on her, too. Nice!

Judy Damon Bendys
Judy Damon got totally Bendy with this great band of four. Judy used two-fabric pieced strips for the Bendy sides and they make for a fun finish at the seam!

Help me with naming a group of Bendys and post your vote in the comments.

I love seeing your pictures, please tag me when you post pics – thank you!

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Joan xoxo