Want To Press Faster? Get A Bigger Iron!

Lazies, In all of my 30+ years of sewing, I’ve never used or owned a steam press. So why would I need one now? I’ve always persevered with a household iron. But with all of the fusing I’ve been doing lately, it occurred to me that I could iron faster with a bigger iron. We’ve talked a bit about pressing and irons lately. So I thought I’d tell you about two new additions to my ironing toolbox: a steam press and a ‘Big Board’ ironing board.

Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press
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Steam Press
I called each of my sewing-centric friends and not one had ever had or used a steam press. So I thought to myself if they’ve never needed one, why do I?

I’ve used fusibles extensively in Miranda, Mini Miranda and Claire, my last three bag designs. I don’t like the amount of time it takes to fuse things. Gosh, I have better things to do. I thought a bigger iron must be the answer and therefore a steam press might be a time saving tool for me – and it has been.

I bought this Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press a few months ago. And it has not disappointed. I based my choice of this item on the reviews at Amazon.

Time Saver
With a 9″ x 24″ pressing surface, I can fuse interfacing or batting for a bag project in about a minute. Wow, that’s a huge time saver for me. The bottom pressing surface is an ironing board. The top surface is the heated ‘iron’. The white handle gently clamps down to put pressure on the ironing surface.

Steam-less Goodness
And amazingly, I don’t use the steam option. You know I love steam. But with this press, I don’t need it. The iron does its job quite nicely with dry heat – a first in my sewing experience. This confirms what Carolyn Griffin told us two weeks ago when she guest blogged about her ironing set-up and love of dry ironing.

Big Board Ironing Board
My ironing board was beginning to sag in the middle. Must be a mid-life thing. Again, I turned to my sewing buddies for input and finally ordered a ‘Big Board’ ironing surface to sit atop my ironing board. I ordered this through my local quilt shop.

You can see and read about the Big Board at their site here.

The Big Board is 22″ x 59″ – a nice sized ironing surface. I love that I can press an entire fat quarter on this board. You could actually do two side by side, but I keep a bunch of ‘stuff’ on the end of my ironing board. You know the stuff, scissors, point turner, pin cushion, spray bottle, garbage/debris – a mess of good stuff.

I made one modification to my Big Board. I added one layer of padding under the cover using a crib sized batting from Warm and Natural.

Keeping an Eye on Reliable
I’m quite interested to know more about some products by Reliable after reading this post at the Checker Newsletter blog recently. I’ve heard good things about Reliable. I’d love to try their iron and I’d love to see their spiffy ironing board in person.

Lazies, do you have any of the products discussed today? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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