Bag-E-Bottoms: Perfect Bag Support

Lightweight acrylic stabilizer and bag bottoms are perfect to give your fabric, yarn or soft textile bag a little hidden support and professional finish.

Tired of the bag sag? Bag-E-Bottoms are like under-wires for your bag! These lightweight acrylic Bottoms are perfect to stabilize your fabric, yarn or another soft textile bag a little hidden support. We invest a lot of time, love, energy, and money into our beautiful bag creations. They deserve to look their best and a good bag stabilizer is worth investing in.

Bag-E-Bottoms lightweight acrylic bag supports to use inside your fabric, yarn, and soft textile bag creations.

Bag-E-Bottom acrylic bases are available in several sizes to give soft textile bag, purse and tote creations a sturdy bottom. The lightweight Bottoms are thin clear acrylic with rounded corners sized to fit common bag proportions. Choose a size slightly smaller than the inside bottom of a bag, toss it in and fill your purse.

The Bag-E-Bottoms work with our Lazy Girl Designs patterns to offer support from the bottom up, giving your bag great stand-up-i-tude and posture.

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Compare Bag-E-Bottom Bag Support Sizes

So, here they are, all stacked so you can see who is who in the Bottom game. The image is not full size. The bottoms are clear acrylic, protected with blue poly masking on both sides. Simply peel the blue poly from each side and rest inside your bag on top of the lining fabric.

Bag-E-Bottoms sizes: F, A, and D. These three sizes fit our most popular bag designs.

Which Size Works With Which Lazy Girl Bag

Here’s an overview of the different sizes, their dimensions, and which of our Lazy Girl Designs patterns that they work with. See our website for pricing and ordering info.

Choose the size that works best for your bag creation.

  • Size A – Candice, Gracie Handbag, Whimsy Bag, #LGD500, 4″ x 11″
  • Size D – Miranda Day Bag, Newport Tote, Summer Tote, #LGD503, 5 1/2″ x 11″
  • Size F – Margo Handbag, Claire Handbag, Mini Miranda, #LGD505, 3 5/8” x 9 7/8”
  • Note: Sizes B, C, and E are not available at this time

How To Choose The Right Size

Our patterns note which size to use with each bag. To use with other bags, measure the bottom of your bag creation: length and width. The inside of your bag will be slightly smaller than the outside bottom measurements. Choose the largest size that is smaller than both measurements of your bag bottom.

Measure the width and length of the bottom of your bag. Choose a Bag-E-Bottom that is slightly smaller than both dimensions.

How To Use In A Bag

It is recommended to create a fabric sleeve, much like a small pillowcase, and insert the Bottom. Choose a fabric to coordinate or blend with the lining fabric. Place a Bottom inside a knit bag during the felting process to shape the bag to the Bottom.

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