Sew Easy: Three Simple Methods for Flawless Zippers in Bags

Lazies, The following is the email sent by Craftsy to their subscribers, announcing my class launch last Monday. I’m posting it here in case you missed it, like I did! Enroll by June 30, 2015 using the class links below to save 50% and automatically be entered in a drawing to win a second Craftsy class of your choice. Enjoy! Joan

When you know how to cleanly and confidently install a zipper, you have an essential skill in your toolbelt that you can apply to project after project for stunning, functional results. Hi, I’m author, teacher and blogger Joan Hawley! Join me in my online Craftsy class, Zip It Up: Easy Techniques for Zippered Bags, and learn three handy methods to install zippers in any bag project.

During class, you’ll practice installing these zippers on three fun, trendy bags: a classic travel purse, a cute tote and a unique pouch. With each bag, you’ll learn a new method and when that method will be most helpful. Along the way, you’ll improve your cutting, sewing and pressing using essential techniques that you’ll want to have in the skill bank for any bag project.

I’ll start class by teaching you how to choose the right materials. In this first lesson, you’ll also get tips for quickly and accurately cutting fabric, choosing presser feet and setting your needle position.

When we move on, we’ll get started on our first bag: the Runaround Bag. I’ll show you a foolproof method for zipper installation, teach you to create the back pocket and lay out how to make the strap. Topstitching will add a gorgeous, finished look to both the zipper and pocket!

At this point, you’ll probably wonder why your bag is inside out. It will all make sense as you carefully stitch and finish the seams. As you turn the bag right side out and smooth it, you’ll see why pressing makes such a big difference.

Want a bag that’s a bit handier for stowing supplies? For your second project, you’ll create the Nickita Bag, a box–shaped tote that’s ready to tackle your organizational needs. I’ll teach you more about the how and why of topstitching and help you create the handles. You’ll even see my special technique for working past the pull and the end knot to easily install a zipper.

Then, it’s time to attach the handles and find, mark and stitch the corners of your new bag. Once the corners are trimmed and ready, you’ll see how to give the bag shape and learn some more advanced — but totally approachable — pressing techniques. They’re sure to give your piece a polished look you’ll love!

As we dive into our next project, the fun and funky Bendy Bag, get ready to have a blast! This whimsical pouch complete with bend seams will give you the perfect chance to practice preparing a zipper case. You’ll also find out how to cleanly and beautifully stitch the zipper to the lining and cover pieces, and create sophisticated faux piping with topstitching.

For our final lesson, finish your Bendy Bag by measuring, marking and stitching the bend seams and adding the cute zipper–casing grab–tab. Enroll in Zip It Up: Easy Techniques for Zippered Bags and you’ll even learn how to create trendy boxed corners and discover more ways to press like a pro.

Part of why my career has been successful is because I’m lazy. Does that seem counterintuitive? Let me explain: My passion as a sewer is to find the easiest and most fun path to a successful project, and as an instructor, my goal is to equip you with those same techniques. After all, when there’s no fuss, it makes room for fun!

When I’m not teaching, I’m writing or designing. I design notions for Clover Needlecraft, my own pattern line and my own line of interfacing: Sew Lazy. You can find my patterns, check out my writing and experience my love of bags firsthand on my site, Lazy Girl Designs!

So stretch yourself in a new direction — add to your knowledge base, surprise yourself and fall in love with new techniques. Craftsy classes make it easy, with online–video lessons you can follow at your own pace whenever you want, wherever you want. Plus, your access never expires!

Install clean, beautiful zippers in any bag project with easy techniques that really bring all the pieces together.
Join us in Zip It Up: Easy Techniques for Zippered Bags for only $19.99 — that’s 50% off today!

Joan Hawley | Craftsy Instructor