Make Perfect Little Pouches Every Time

Lazies, Every time I make myself a purse, I make two coordinating accessories from the left over fabrics. A Wonder Wallet – which you’ve heard me go on and on about. And a Perfect Pouches small sized pouch – which I realize I haven’t told you much about.

Perfect Pouches in three sizes. Fabrics by Art Gallery Fabrics.

There are two main things I want you to know about this little design.

The Zipper!
The zipper installation is to die for.  It’s one of those oh-my-gosh things. So simple and easy, perfect every time. It’s a great starter project for the zipper-phobe in you. Complete instructions are in the Perfect Pouches pattern #LGD113. It’s the same installation used in the Runaround Bag design.

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Perfect for so many things
Next, it’s a great all-purpose zip pouch. Think of it as an extra pocket. I like the ‘small’ size which is approximately 5″ x 7″. It’s perfect for keeping some of the smaller items in my purse together. It’s wonderful for my small digital camera. Or use it to keep all those pesky phone/camera cords and wires together.

They are great for small hand projects. I keep one loaded with my Clover Yo-Yo maker and supplies.

I use the largest sized pouches for travel to keep things together and tidy in my luggage.

I made these pouches when I made the Mini Miranda below. You might remember her from an earlier blog post.

Mini Miranda Bag.

Lazies, I’m in transit today, with my Perfect Pouches in my luggage, my carry-on bag, and my purse. So the blog is on auto-pilot and I’ll get to your comments when I get home tonight.

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