Button Hunt – Finding The Right One

Lazies, Let’s talk buttons. I love buttons and it can be difficult to find the right button with the perfect personality for your special project. I auditioned at least a dozen contenders for the flap closure of the Veronica Pocketbook design. There is a link later in the post for a photo gallery of the button auditions.

The right button can make the most of your creation.

After making Veronica, I was off to go button shopping. But first, I scrounged around my sewing room looking for anything that might fit the bill to embellish the flap. From fibers to beads and buttons. Nothing had that ‘wow’ factor needed for such a prominent embellishment.

So, I was off to the store, naked bag in hand, and I shopped the button aisles. I gathered anything and everything in these color families. I’ve found it really is best to bring the whole project with me. Fabric swatches are nice, but there is no substitute for working with the actual project.

The contenders! Buttons waiting for fame and prominence.

I did a cursory audition at the store by placing the button card on my project. While I found some good prospects at the store, I didn’t make a final decision there. I brought home the best of the best and played some more.

Camera View
I allow the camera to make the final decision for me. Taking a photo compresses the design into two dimensions and eliminates some variable that I just can’t see with my own eyes. I did a quick photo shoot of each choice. Here’s the winner.

Veronica Pocketbook design.

I decided on the black oval button. But it needed a little zing so I wrapped the button with some rich brown rayon woven embroidery floss. It was just the complementary touch needed to tie this look together.

Photo Album
I added a photo album of some audition shots as well as some finished Veronica Pocketbooks for you to enjoy here at our photo gallery.

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