Sewing Room Tip: Tee-Up Your Bobbins!

Lazies, We all struggle with it. We chase them, lose them, and even run out of them. Sometimes it can be like wrangling critters. What am I talking about? Bobbin management. I’ve tried a lot of things over the years to manage my bobbins. I like to keep the bobbin with the spool. Currently, I’m testing some fun colored golf tees.

Golf tees to organize bobbins

Look at all of those yummy colors!

Simply slide the tee through the bobbin. Picking a tee color is part of the fun.

Use golf tees to organize bobbins

Slide the tee through the bobbin.

Top of the Bobbin, To Ya!
Place the bobbin/tee atop the spool.

Use golf tees to organize bobbins

Place the tee/bobbin atop the spool.

Because my bobbin thread shows on my projects, I use the same spool color in the bobbin. That means I have a lot of bobbins hanging around.

One Size Fits All
I like that these tees fit my different machine bobbins and spools. They look like little people wearing awesome hats. As you can see, a crowd is gathering.

Use golf tees to organize bobbins

I have a bunch of colors in service at the moment.

Where To Buy
I bought a bag of 100, in bright colors, available in Joan’s Essentials where you’ll find goodies I like and recommend.

Tee Storage
Where do I store the extra tees? They are Sweetpea-perfect! Hello lovelies!

Store golf tees in a Sweetpea Pods.

A Sweetpea LGD135 holds a bunch of tees.

They also fit nicely in a Hang On. I like pairing different color tees and thread.

Use a Hang On to organize golf tees in the sewing room.

A Hang On LGD142 offer convenience, keeping the tees nearby and handy.

Patterns for the Sweetpea Pods and Hang On are available in our Digital Patterns here.

Gifty Goodness
Consider bundling some tees with a Sweetpea or Hang On pattern to make a perfect gift for a stitchy friend. Or even better, make a few Sweetpeas and fill with a dozen tees to get a friend started with a little organization. For a special friend, add a pack of needles or bobbins for their machine.

Golf tees are an affordable, flexible, fun, pretty option for bobbin management. Give (or gift) it a try!

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