Small Purse Patterns Offer Opportunities To Experiment

Lazies, Beginning today, you can watch me demonstrate the Chloe Handbag purse pattern on Chloe is a small handbag, made with three fat quarters of fabric, and offers a wonderful opportunity to try working with fashion handles, a magnetic snap closure and try new embellishment techniques.

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In this episode of the Kaye’s Quilting Friends program, Kaye and I walk through the construction of the bag as well as share tips along the way. We wrap up by sharing lots of pretty Chloe Handbags.

Chloe Handbag, LGD120

The Chloe Handbag LGD120 is one of my favorite handbags. She’s perfect for embellishing. In fact, I designed her to be easy to embellish. And don’t let the word embellish scare you. Embellishing can be as simple as piecing some scraps together, or couching some fibers, or adding buttons. In short, Chloe was designed to be a small billboard for your embellishing talents. Don’t think you have any of those? I beg to differ. Perhaps Chloe can be a confidence-builder for you

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Show Me What’s What
Chloe contains what I call a ‘MasterPiece’ pattern piece. The MasterPiece is actual size for one half (front or back) of Chloe. It shows the embellishing zone or ‘marquee’ area of the cut fabric so you know exactly what will end up on the front of the finished bag. The MasterPiece locates seam allowances and makes suggestions for placement of embellishments. Including the BBB’s – buttons, beads and baubles. The MasterPiece locates the top edge of the bag and placement for a magnetic snap closure.

Click here to read about using your scraps to make a designer Chloe.

Unconventional Seaming
On Chloe, one inch of the cover fabric wraps over the top edge of the bag and dips into the bag where it is then pieced to the lining. Since the cover fabric is backed with batting, this means batting wraps over the top edge of the bag and dips into the bag as well.

This lip of cover fabric around the inside top edge of Chloe offers a stable place to install a magnetic snap closure. By moving the seam at the lining down into the bag, it also creates a nice smooth clean looking edge to the top of the bag.

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Choosing Fashion Handles
The back of the pattern contains a handle guide. Click here to see the pattern back. The top edge of the finished bag is just over 11 inches wide. Handles with ends that are approximately 6 inches apart will work well for this bag. Your handle will work if the ends fall within the two boxes toward the right edge of the pattern back.

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The video demonstration for Chloe will air for the next year at