Quick and Easy Yo-Yo Keychains

Lazies, Get ready for a hearty dose of cute and smart – an unbeatable combination in my book. Tracy Chapman of Sew Thankful shares her yo-yo keychain project with us today. Tracy combines her love of yo-yo’s, buttons, and our Handy Tabs to make this quick and easy project.

Yo-Yo keychain by Tracy Chapman.

Consider making a few for holiday gifts later this year, or to go with any purse pattern or tote project. This yo-yo keychain is a great way to use up your fabric scraps and play with your beloved button stash.

Here’s Tracy:
When Clover came out with the Quick Yo-Yo Makers I was immediately hooked. I mean, what’s not to love about fabric yo-yos!!?!

I keep my Clover Yo-Yo Makers (I am guilty of having multiples of each size and style) loaded with fabric on a small table near my favorite chair…sew…on evenings when I have a few minutes to sit with the family before bedtime I stitch up a few yo-yos.

Look at that adorable paw print fabric!

One day I was petting and playing with the yo-yos I’d recently made while at the same time I was looking at my Lazy Girl Handy Tabs. That’s when I noticed the color of the Handy Tabs matching so nicely with the yo-yos I was playing with. It really was a lightning bolt moment.

I immediately pulled out my button stash…found one that looked cute with the fabric yo-yo. I quickly laid a button on a yo-yo, placed the tab and the split ring. Then I layered that unit with another yo-yo & button unit…yep…it worked! I thought this would make a fun project to share with our eNews subscribers and others who love yo-yos as much as I do.
– Lazy Girl Tracy

Coordinating thread to attach the button
ties in nicely with the Handy Tab.

Directions and Resources
– Get the directions and links for supplies at Tracy’s Let’s Get Sewing blog here.
– I have a Clover Quick Yo-Yo Makers tutorial here at my blog.
– See our Handy Tabs here.

Button Tip
When I finish gathering a yo-yo for this project, I tie the threads to the front, right where they are. I leave the thread tails long and trim them to the same length. I use these thread tails to sew on a button. Simply pull these threads through the needle with a needle threader.

Yo-Yo’s To Go
I love Tracy’s tip about pre-loading her multiple yo-yo makers! I keep my yo-yo making supplies in a Perfect Pouch, so I always have a hand project ready to take with me. Put a kit together by pre-cutting some fabric pieces, I use prewound bobbins for a tidy thread source, hand needle, scissors, and any other supplies you need. Keep them in some sort of project bag.

Yo-Yo Maker and Handy Tabs

Lazy Notes
This is my 200th blog post and tomorrow is my blog’s 2 year anniversary – isn’t that a tidy combination. I can’t thank you enough for joining me for a little fabric fun each week. And thank you for posting comments along the way. I love hearing from you!

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Images courtesy of Tracy Chapman at Sew Thankful.