New: ‘Maggie’ Pattern For Little Bags From Lazy Girl

Lazies, I’d like you to meet our newest Girl: Maggie, #LGD126. Maggie will be here by the end of November and I’ll keep you posted.

Maggies are little bags for little things. Use for a camera or cell phone case and still carry by its leash. The small size is perfect for giving gift cards or carrying business cards. Add ribbon and a clip to hang Maggies from a favorite purse. Stow, tuck, hang, clip either size anywhere you need a little bag.

Maggie from Lazy Girl Designs, #LGD126

Layer Cake Friendly
Both sizes of Maggies can be made from 10” squares! They are Layer Cake (pre-cuts from Moda Fabrics) friendly! See the back of the pattern below.

Grab a 10″ square for lining fabric, trace one large or two small Maggies, then stack, stitch and finish. That’s it – Maggies are quick, quick, quick. All of the fabrics shown today are ‘Cherish Nature’ by Deb Strain for Moda.

Maggie offer two sizes: large 4 1/2” x 5”, small 3 1/4” x 4”

Large and small Maggie Bags

Large Maggies
As a general rule of thumb, the large Maggie will fit things that are about the size of the palm of your hand: cell phone, small digital camera, tea bags. Here, I’ve tucked my camera inside and I can still carry it by the leash.

Large size Maggie Bags

Small Maggies
The small Maggie will fit things about the size of three fingers: credit cards, gift cards, business cards, a dollar folded in fourths, a few pieces of hard candy or loose coins. Works beautifully for loose change inside my Miranda Day Bag.

CIMG2519_web CIMG2583_web
Business or credit card sized.

Think about all of those frequent shopper cards overflowing your Wonder Wallet – transfer them to a small Maggie!

Clip, Hook, Hang
As an option, add ribbon and some purse hardware to either size Maggie. Here are a few ideas. I added a Dark Chocolate Brown Handy Tab and an ‘O’ ring.


Here I’ve attached a swivel clasp, great for clipping a Maggie to the handle or strap of a purse. That’s a great way to add a cell phone case to the outside of your favorite purse or bag. A Handy Tab is a quick way to add a hanging loop.

CIMG2580_web CIMG2591_web

Maggie Supplies
Click on the images below to enlarge.

Maggie_cover_RGB_small_med_res Maggie_pattern_back_small

Where To Order and When Will Maggie Be Here????!!!!!
Order Maggie from your favorite local quilt shop! I hear from my printer that Maggie goes on the presses this week and will be here shortly. She should be here in time for last-minute sewing for holiday gifting.

Next Week – More Maggie info.


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