New Heart and Flower Shaped Yo-Yo Makers from Clover Needlecraft

Lazies, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be seeing SIX new Clover Yo-Yo Makers! Clover is introducing flower and heart shape Yo-Yo Makers, in two sizes each. And even more sizes, extra small and extra large, of the already fabulous round Yo-Yo Makers. New to the yo-yo makers? Try our tutorial here and grab a free project pattern at the link later in the post.

Corsage made using the ‘large’ size Flower Yo-Yo Maker.
(Nope, I didn’t make this.)

I received an advance set of the new shapes and sizes to play with so I would be prepared for Quilt Market in early May. I think I’ll be demonstrating the new Clover Yo-Yo Makers in the Clover booth – woohoo! If you will be attending Quilt Market, stop by and give them a try.

Flower Yo-Yo Makers:
The flower is a five-petal cutie, and comes in large and small.
Small is just under 1 1/2″ across at the widest point, the large is just about 1 3/4″. These are the sizes of the finished yo-yos, not the size of the tool shown below.

Large Flower Yo-Yo Maker.

Heart Yo-Yo Makers:
The heart shape is tooooooo cute and my personal favorite, available in both large and small.  Let me tell you – I love the heart shaped Yo-Yo maker. Oh just you wait until you get your hands on these!

The small is about 1 1/4″ across at the widest point, large is 1 3/4″. Again, these are the sizes of the finished yo-yos. The red tool shown below is the large size, the pink is the small.

  The small, shown in blue, is just 3/4″ across. The large, shown in yellow, finishes to somewhere between 2 1/4″ and 2 1/2″. These are finished yo-yo sizes.

Each Yo-Yo Maker tool has two parts, a tray and a disc. The disc fits into the tray, sandwiching a piece of fabric between the two pieces. Well, I found another use for the tray.

I discovered that the tray for the heart shaped maker has a heart shaped cut out in the center. The cut-out heart is the same size as a finished yo-yo made from that tool. You can see a faint outline of the cut-out in the photo of the red heart tool above.

You can see through the tray, so place it on an item (fabric, bag, etc.), slide it to where you want to place the finished yo-yo, outline the hole with a marking tool, then sew a finished yo-yo in place. Perfect placement!

The tray can also help determine which part of a fabric will end up on the ‘front’ of the finished yo-yo. This is something I wondered about while using a fabric with a large print.

Since the hole in the tray is the size of the finished yo-yo, and it’s in the center of the try, that means the hole shows the exact fabric that will end up on the back of the finished yo-yo. And the rest of the tray (the non-hole part) shows the fabric that will end up on the front of the finished yo-yo.

I haven’t checked all of the trays for a similar size marking or holes, but I did find it on the original large orange Yo-Yo Maker, the new extra large round tool and I think one other. Simply make a yo-yo, then see if it fits the hole in the tray or matches some other marking, outline, or raised ridge line on the tray. If so, you’ve got a built in template of the finished yo-yo, handy for placement and fabric selection.

Look at this scrumptious cutie. Embellishment detail on a scarf made using the ‘small’ size Flower Yo-Yo Maker.
(Nope, I didn’t make this one either.)

These Yo-Yo Makers are too much fun. And the new shapes are just adorable. Clover has more projects using yo-yos made from these fabulous tools. I’ll post more when I receive them.

Round Yo-Yo Makers
Quick Yo-Yo Makers from Clover Needlecraft Inc. This is an affiliate link to and I will make a small commission if you buy through this link.
Original Sizes:
Round – Small, #8700
Round – Large, #8701

Free Pattern
Hop over to our Yo-Yo Cutie Pins post for a free project pattern.

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Images courtesy of Clover Needlecraft.