Best Of Lazy – 10 Favorite Post From A Year Of Blogging

Lazies, Much to my surprise, yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my blog – a blog-iversary! It’s been an interesting year and we’ve covered a lot of topics in 139 posts. To celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of my top ten favorite blog posts.

10. Sew News Magazine Features Our Summer Tote

This was my first blog post, so it only seems fitting to include the one that got me started. This Summer Tote bag was front and center in my booth at spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis, May 2006. The Lazies at Sew News Magazine swung by for a visit and drooled over Summer and featured her in their October 2006 issue. 

9. The Secret To Perfect Button Placement

I love buttons. They are versatile, beautiful and functional. Sharing tutorials through the blog enables me to bring you into my sewing room with me while I work. 

8. Make a Bag Worth Bragging About

I love this bag. This is my silver-haired miniature poodle Honey. I like this project because it uses Microsoft Word and fabric printer sheets to make a brag bag to showcase a loved one.

7. Get Lazy In A Whole New Way By Combining Elements Of Our Patterns

Glenda Beasley created these cute zip bags by combining parts from the Perfect Pouches and Purse-Nickities patterns. Glenda’s enthusiasm and generous nature are the heart of this project.

6. Adorable And Clever Gifts Are Just A Yo-Yo Away

Julie Bridgeman fell in love with the new Yo-Yo Makers from Clover. She combined yo-yos with our A-Door-Ables pattern and made some fabulous hair clips, too.

5. The Secret To Our Wonder Wallet

This is our most commented-on post for the whole year! This pattern continues to amaze me. The Wonder Wallet will celebrate its tenth birthday this month.

Earlier this summer I revised the pattern with updates and a new cover. And guess what, it’s back on Checker Distributor’s list of top 20 selling patterns in the quilt industry!

4. Five Easy Steps to Make a Mock Felted Purse

You know I like easy. This mock felting technique is my way of cheating at the felting game. Yes, I know felting is easy, but I found a way to make it Lazy.

3. Solar Powered Sewing

All of us have stories. Many of you share your stories with me, either through my Yahoo group, or privately. A number of those conversations result in blog posts. I loved hearing Diane Schwanz of California tell me about using solar power to run her sewing machine.

2. A Quilt Store Made of Polymer Clay

I can’t begin to imagine the amount of work that went into making this wonderful little creation. I know the bolts are made of clay, but I still want to unroll them and play.

1. How To Make A Wonder(ful) Cuppa Coffee To Go

Lish Seem has combined two of my loves: a Wonder Wallet and coffee. Lish’s clever idea is to use coffee-themed fabric from Moda to make a Wonder Wallet for coffee on the go. Lish calls this the Wonder Cuppa. Here, her WW is packed with all the essentials a coffee lover needs to not get caught with her java down. This concept of matching themed fabric with a ‘to-go’ kit can easily translate to office supplies, first aid kit, tea drinkers and more.

I love this blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you here for little Lazy, quilty morsels once or twice a week.

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