Love At First Press

Lazies, Have you ever had a tool or notion that was so essential you couldn’t imagine going without it? I can think of plenty in my tool box that fit that bill. Today I want to tell you about the 2×4 Mighty Mini Board (item 7800) from my Clover Press Perfect line.

Small Size, Big Features
The 2×4 Mighty Mini Board is chock full of features and design considerations. Want to know what I told Clover when we talked about creating a small board? I said I want it all. After having owned a number of small boards that all left me aggravated, I had a pretty stern checklist of features, size, shape, etc. Clover delivered on every single item!

Mighty Mini Diagram
Clover 2×4 Mighty Mini Board, item 7800

What You Don’t See
You can see that the Might Mini is loaded with features. But what you can’t fully appreciate until you try it is the ‘oh my gosh’ factor.

Here’s what I mean.
– Do you ever find yourself bending over your regular ironing board to get a closer look at your work?
– Do you wish you had an extra hand to help control a project while pressing?
– Hate wrestling with a project to get it flat on the board?
– Have you ever struggled to wrangle something onto your regular board?

Solving these problems are the ‘oh my gosh’ moments where you’ll thank yourself for having this tool at your fingertips.

I Can See!
One of the biggest things I like about the Mighty Mini is purely basic. By using it on top of my regular board, it raises my project up and brings it closer to me. I can see what I’m doing and isolate part of the project.

An Extra Hand?
By using the Mighty Mini on top of your regular board or other surface, the board isolates and controls part of your project and forces the rest to relax nearby, no longer pulling and in charge.

Getting Flat
Things are easier to press when they are flat. By raising the pressing surface a few inches, a shirt collar obeys the Mighty Mini Board and the rest of the shirt hangs out on the regular board, waiting its turn.

A small board offers great control!

A Good Fit
Lots of big projects have small parts, nooks, crannies, etc. They don’t all fit on the regular ironing board. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an ironing board that fit those tough challenges? Use the Mighty Mini to press the small stuff and the regular board for the rest.

Isolate a seam without
pressing creases nearby

So, if you are like me, you know a good tool when it crosses your path you can tell that it was designed by someone who uses it in real life and it solves problems.


What’s New
The 2×4 Mighty Mini Board is part of my Press Perfect line of notions from Clover Needlecraft. Watch the video below for a quick demo to see this little sweetheart in action. We continue to expand the line and add new products over time, so keep an eye out for what’s new.

Video Demo
Here’s a quick video of me introducing the 2×4 Mighty Mini Board