New: Hot Ruler for Clover Press Perfect

Lazies, Get ready to meet, and fall in love with, the newest member of my Clover Press Perfect line of notions. The new Hot Ruler™ is the much-anticipated cousin to our very popular Hot Hemmer™ and was introduced at Quilt Market in Houston this past October.

Hot Ruler

Hot Ruler by Joan Hawley for Clover Press Perfect. Item 7811
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Bigger Is Better!
The Hot Ruler is ideal for larger measuring and pressing tasks such as: home dec, long hems, deep hems, large mitered corners. Making it perfect for today’s trends of ruffles, purse straps, pillow cases, full skirts and more.

Talk To Me
The Hot Ruler is 2 ½” x 10”, compared to the Hot Hemmer at 6” x 5”, and is designed with basic ruler markings. We used a slightly darker ink on the Hot Ruler to help distinguish between the two tools at your work space.

Hot Ruler1

Truly Handy
We designed it to be the size of the work space right in front of you. Not too big, not too small, we’ve packed a lot of function into its compact size. The new Hot Ruler is a versatile tool with many applications.

Get A Grip
Unique non-slip surface helps hold fabric in place, offering better management of small hems or when working with delicate fabrics. The nylon fiberboard is heat resistant and can be pressed with a dry or steam iron. And it won’t heat up too much to touch or handle.

The Art of the Measure
The Hot Ruler artwork includes all sorts of strategy. Heavier line markings for inch increments, lighter for half inch. Smaller increment marking are strategically located all around the tool. The tool is designed so you can find the line you need, then confirm by checking the printed number size. That makes it easy to use the tool from any edge or orientation.

Long Hem
Use the Hot Ruler to measure, fold and press long hems, binding and more. Simply fold the fabric over the edge, match to the size needed and press. .

Hot Ruler2

Deep Hems
For deep hems, measure up from the edge, make a mark. Number markings start at zero at the short edge, and go up to 10″.

Hot Ruler3

Do this at several points, then match the Ruler to the marks.

Hot Ruler4

Fold fabric over the edge, then press.

Hot Ruler5

Tight Spaces
For tight spaces, like a narrow pant leg, use the narrow edge of the Hot Ruler to measure, fold and press.

Hot Ruler6

The Almighty Miter!
For large mitered corners, align the Ruler with the miter fold. Here I’ve tucked it inside the fold (or place ruler on top of the fold). Then verify the angle by matching the miter line to the fabric edge as shown.

Hot Ruler7

Wow, Wow, Wow!
The Hot Ruler is the #1 New Release at Amazon in its category – awesome! Add it to your gotta-have list, contact your fav quilt shop and ask for it.

Amazon Hot Ruler

So, there you go, another new basic joins our amazing Clover Press Perfect line of versatile pressing and work station tools.

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