Clover + Joan Hawley = Press Perfect: The New Basics

Lazies, If you’ve been hanging around with me for any time, you’ve probably noticed I’m a big, big fan of Clover Needlecraft products. I love their innovation, quality and precision. Somehow, they always seem to know what my next obsession or need will be, and come out with just the right thingy or dooflinger that I now can’t live without.


The New Basics
Hold onto your ironing boards, I am proud to introduce Press Perfect, my new line of pressing notions from Clover Needlecraft. A while ago I proposed a line of pressing thingies and dooflingers and Clover said yes! I’ve been busy, petrified, and excited ever since. Can you say ‘awesome’…times ten? Clover is launching our line with 10 items next week at International Quilt Market in Houston. So, let’s get to know Press Perfect: the new basics you can’t live without!

It’s About Time!
There hasn’t been much innovation in the ironing department for quite some time, yet the things we are making have changed. Our tools and notions haven’t kept up, until now. Press Perfect is a collection of pressing surfaces, hand tools, and notions. This big box of AWESOME with all of my products arrived just this past Friday.


The Press Perfect Line Includes:
2×4 Mighty Mini Board, (and replacement cover): The board you didn’t know you needed! Shaped like a 2×4, it goes where no board has gone before.

Iron Finger: Takes the place of your finger at the iron, can be pressed.

Point 2 Point Turner: 2 turning points, gentle curves, hera marker all in one.

Iron Safe: Teflon shoe to protect your iron sole plate and fabrics. Adhesives won’t stick.

Deluxe Take & Press Mat: Luxurious portable mat for pressing, pin blocking.

Hot Hemmer: Measure, mark, fold, press in one step

Hold It Precision Stiletto: Heat resistant tip for gripping at the iron, bent tip stiletto for great visability

Touch Up Pressing Mitt: A pressing surface for your hand, reach inside a garment on hanger or dress form and press.

Dry Heat Pro Finish Pressing Sheets: Press the unpressable! For use with vinyl, PUL, laminates and more.

Gettin’ Groovy
Press Perfect’s styling and colors were borne out of the inspiration of crossing a vintage 1950’s stitcher with Judy Jetson, all dressed in an updated yet timeless blue.


Press Perfect
Fun, funky and functional is how I’d describe the really cool tools we created. Shown here are our Hold It Precision Stiletto, Iron Finger and Point 2 Point Turner. Different tasks, different shapes/sizes, different materials. We work on different sizes and shapes of things, we need a variety of tools to cover all the basics. More on all items in future posts.

Hand tools

Meet my secret weapon for perfectly pressed purses and more: the 2×4 Mighty Mini Board from my Press Perfect line with Clover. Finally, we can reach those corners, nooks and crannies for a perfectly pressed finish.


The Mighty Mini is a small board that’s all function!
– Squared nose for full function
– Long free-arm
– Sturdy base, metal frame, heavy duty cover/pad
– Low center of gravity for stability and ease of use
– Sized for your hand so you can hold/control the board
– A little longer than two average irons: 21″ long x 3 1/2″ wide x 4″ tall
– Portable, legs tuck neatly beneath for compact storage
– Clover #7800

The Nose Knows
The squared nose of the Mighty Mini free-arm is revolutionary and it addresses one of my major grievances with all sizes of ironing boards – the elongated rounded nose.

The rounded nose lacks support for our projects right where we need it. It creates pull and drag, allowing our project to droop or sag during pressing. It’s the same on the regular board, table topper and the sleeve board.

Elongated nose

Gosh It’s Shaped Like A Piece of Wood
Yes, exactly. It reminds me of a 2×4 plank of wood. That’s where it got its name.

Square Gets The Job Done
The squared nose of the Mighty Mini is ideal for pressing small projects like my bag designs. Look how the board fits inside my Claire Handbag design. Imagine how useful this will be for all kinds of projects and details.

Elongated nose2

Sleeve Board?
If you are thinking this is just another sleeve board, I understand. I’ve owned a good number of sleeve boards over the years and I have been disappointed by all of them. Rounded nose, bad shape, unstable, poor quality, bad leg placement, blah, blah, blah. It’s enough to make a Lazy Girl develop hard feelings for the whole category.

Well, the Mighty Mini is a smart, functional small board. Don’t call it a sleeve board, you’ll hurt its feelings. You can certainly use it to press sleeves and collars, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the new basic you didn’t know you needed. Use it in conjunction with your regular board or alone. It literally fills the gaps your big board leaves.

Do You Have a Favorite?
Well, they are all in there! Whether you can’t wait to get you hands on the Hot Hemmer, the Iron Finger, the Hold It Precision Stiletto or others, all ten pieces are in the collection! Waiting to meet you and find a home in your sewing room.

 Press Perfect collection_bow

Tell Me More!
Hop over to the products section of… our new website!…to see the items and read more about them here: Clover Press Perfect. Additionally, they are available to order on Clover’s website and will begin shipping very, very soon. I’ll have more info about each item in coming posts!

Quilt Market
If you are attending Quilt Market in Houston next week, find me at the Clover booth, Schoolhouse and a Take & Teach.


Let’s Hash It Out!
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