Candice Pattern: Choosing and Using D Rings

Lazies, Let’s talk hardware! The Candice pattern includes an option to use D Rings in the handle assembly. This is a nice opportunity to add some functional bling to your next bag project. When purchasing rings, consider their construction, how you’ll use them, how your fabric handle will look with them, and of course the style and finish of the rings and how that will compliment your project.

D Rings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, materials, and prices.

I used rectangular-shaped rings on the handles of Candice. I love these rings from Nancy Zieman for Clover. They are available in a few sizes and two finishes. The D Rings shown are 1″ size from Dritz

Ring Size
The size noted on a package of rings refers to the interior width of the ring. As you can tell from these rings laid out on my cutting mat, the D-shaped rings are a bit wider than an inch. The straight part of the ‘D’ starts to bend at 1″, but the ring could easily accommodate a slightly wider handle. The rectangular rings are 1″. Using a wider handle on these rings will cause the handle to bunch a little at the ring.

I chose the glossy nickel finish of the rectangular rings. These Clover rings are also available in a satin bronze finish. Choose the finish color that works best with your fabrics. It’s just like choosing jewelry for yourself.

Rings need to be sewn into place with a fabric tab. That means, they’ll be in place during the construction of your Candice bag.

Make simple double fold tabs, just like double-fold bias tape, but cut on the straight of grain. Cut all tabs to the same length. Use one tab per ring.

Stitch the tabs/rings in place during construction.

I’ve made the tabs long enough to extend 1/2″ of the tab length past the edge of the project and still have room to get the presser foot past the ring during stitching. I do this for a couple of reasons. First, I want to make sure and sew through both ends of each tab when basting the rings/tabs in place. Next, that 1/2″ gives me something to hold onto while basting and during construction. You can always cut that off even with the seam allowance before finishing the project.

The rings/tabs will add to your overall handle length so take that into consideration when planning your handles.

For Candice, I made D Ring tabs from the same black fabric shown on the front of the bag. Remember, every choice of fabric and its placement are opportunities to create accents and visual interest for your project.

Finish by attaching the handles to the D Rings. Pin the handles in place and test to make sure they are the same length before final stitching.

Note: D Rings are optional on Candice. The pattern includes directions to make fabric handles. As an option, you could use the tabs to attach fashion handles.

Supplies and Recommendations
Before I forget, did you have trouble getting our blog post last week? The email service we use, Feedblitz, was all funky for a few hours – thus making the links in the email not work at all. Very frustrating after the server issues the week before.

Regardless, if you missed it, check out last week’s post for Candice supplies and recommendations.

Candice Update
We are still expecting Miss Candice to walk in the door later this month. In the meantime, several online shops are taking pre-orders for the pattern, supplies, and kits. Also, check with your local quilt shop – many already have Candice on order so they will be stocking her shortly after she gets here.