Paper or Plastic? I’ll Use My Own, Thank You!

Lazies, My friend Kathleen Fasanella just announced a new contest to design a re-usable grocery/shopping bag – great idea! Kathleen took her inspiration from an article in the New York Times which noted that San Francisco passed an ordinance this week banning some plastic bags.

Image courtesy of New York Times

I love Kathleen’s contest. It’s a great idea and she posted some background commentary/thoughts on the ‘green grocer’ movement. Sounds like a good trend to me.

You can read the entire post at Kathleen’s Fashion-Incubator blog.

And as fabric crafters – I love the idea of using my own grocery bags made from fabrics that I adore. Oh, the other customers would be so envious of my dashing bags. And just imagine the design possibilities. Different sizes and shapes of bags – oh my!

Kathleen plans to profile the submissions as they come in. Submission criteria are included at the end of her blog post noted above. Deadline is June 1st.

I’m going to enjoy watching! 

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2 Responses to “Paper or Plastic? I’ll Use My Own, Thank You!”

  1. Joan Lee — March 30, 2007 @ 9:16 am

    I have been quilting for a couple of years and love making totes and handbags, the one I made for myself is permanently attached to my arm when I go out, lol.

    My Eco bit for the planet is whenever I give a quilt a away I make a Tote, shopping bag, from left over scraps.

    I also make from cheery “Pillow Panels” quick, cheery and oh so useful Shopping Totes which I give away as pressies, the recipients are so pleased and always use them when shopping.

  2. Mary Lou Mahar — March 30, 2007 @ 4:28 pm

    I use the foil material to line my grocery bags, along with some batting it insulated as well. All frozen and cold items are put in this bag.