Tutorial: Add Purse Feet to Your Next Bag Creation

Lazies, Adding purse feet is a simple way to add a professional finish to your next bag creation. I recently made this gorgeous bag using the Nancy Zieman Hobo Tote templates. And I used purse feet on my Mom’s Margo Handbag here. Here’s a view of the bottom of the bag during construction.

Add purse feet

Here’s the finished bag. Purse feet help keep the bottom of the bag off the ground when you set it down. The metal feet also make a clinking noise when you set the bag down. So be aware that feet could add noise to your everyday bag experience.

Hobo Tote bag design

Where to Add Purse Feet to a Bag

Purse feet should be located away from the corners and edges of the bag. Use a utility knife or other straight bladed tool to cut a small straight slit through all layers just big enough for the prongs and insert the prongs of the foot. Next, I use the tip of my Clover stiletto to separate the prongs. Slide the tip in between the two prongs until they are wide enough to match the holes in the washer piece.

Purse feet 1

This project includes a sew-in layer of support for the bottom of the bag. See my tutorial on how to measure your bag and install a Sew-In Support For Your Bag.

Leave the stiletto in place and put the washer on the prongs.

Purse feet 2

Remove the stiletto and push all the washer down the prongs. Continue to bend the prongs with your thumb and press them flat against your project.

Purse feet 3

All four feet are in place. Here you can see that with the prongs folded down, the feet need to be away from the edge to give the prongs room without rubbing against the edges of the finished bag. This particular project calls for four feet, but you could add more to support the middle of a bag this length. All of the prongs and washers will be concealed by the bag lining.

Purse feet 4

Here’s the outside bottom of the bag, showing all four feet in place. They look great and putting them in was a breeze.

Add purse feet to a bag pattern

How To Box The Bottom Corners of a Bag

This bag has a squared and flat bottom. This is achieved by using a technique to ‘box’ the bottom corners. For more info see my post about how to box the bottom corners of a bag.

Choosing Purse Feet

There are a lot of purse feet products on the market. I used Nancy Zieman’s 9/16″ size purse feet from Clover. They come four to a pack in two sizes and two finishes. Choose a finish that matches any other hardware on your bag. Let me also mention that as an option you could make your own using sturdy buttons.

Purse feet 6

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add purse feet to a bag

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