Customize An Ensemble Part 2: Sassy Bag

Lazies, The Sassy Bag has become a trusted friend – as any purse should be! The beauty of the Sassy lies in it’s safety and usability, while being wrapped in beautiful fabrics to distract you from all that function and utility. One goal in customizing my designs, is to make the alterations and additions look like they are part of the original design and not stand out like a frilly toothpick atop a deli sandwich.


The Sassy is a small-ish bag designed to be worn across the body and hang at your side. The flap closure is engineered to close all by itself. The front expands as you add contents to the purse. Two inside pockets keep a few necessities in place and secure. An open back pocket offers convenience for grab-n-go little things. A padded shoulder strap offers comfort while you combat the maze of daily life. The Sassy is rugged gear with a Lazy lifestyle in mind. I feel well-equipped and prepared when wearing my Sassy.

Having said all of that, what could possibly be needed for this little gem?

Bigger Is Better
Sometimes you need a bigger Sassy to hold more for your daily expeditions to the wild that life offers. I increased the width of this Sassy by 1/2″. To do so, cut all of the pieces an extra 1/2″ in width.

I once tried to increase the size of the Sassy by 2″ in width and height – wow, what a disaster. As we saw with the Wonder Wallet, a more conservative increase goes a long way in adding to the capacity without losing the over all integrity of the design.

This 1/2″ increase in width will add a total of 1″ of space to the Sassy.  That’s a generous and noticeable increase for this bag.

Flap Closure
The flap is already wider than the bag by design. Simply cut it 1/2″ wider than the pattern states and make as directed.

Pleated Front
The pleated front is still prepared the same way. The pleats are determined through a short series of folding this way and that. The pleat placement will be perfect using the same folding instructions. Keep the pleats the same size, too. The overall finished/pleated/elasticized, Velcro’d piece will be the same width as the other parts of the bag which were widened by the same half inch. Be sure to cut the elastic 1/2″ longer as well.

Inside Pockets
The Sassy has two inside pockets, one a bit wider than the other. Great for sunglasses, cell phone, pens, etc. You have an extra half inch of play – divide the pockets as you see fit.

Shoulder Strap
With a slightly larger Sassy, I felt the shoulder strap might benefit from being a little beefier for extra comfort. I cut the batting strip 1/4″ wider and I cut the fabric 1/2″ wider. These are the widths for the Miranda Day Bag fabric handles. Follow the instructions in the Sassy Bag pattern for making and attaching the shoulder strap. For a finishing touch after topstitching along both edges of the shoulder strap, topstitch along the center as well.

Adding A Zip Pocket
A little extra security in the way of a zippered pocket is a nice option to add to the Sassy Bag. I used the directions to make the front of a Runaround Bag (LGD111) to add a zippered pocket to the back of this Sassy. Again, we widened the purse, so the zippered component needs to be the same width. I also want the zipper to be above the back pocket for easy access.


I cut the piece above the zipper at 4″ by the width of the Sassy and followed the zipper instructions in the Runaround Bag pattern. I cut the fabric for below the zipper to be longer than I thought I’d need, then trimmed it to length during final assembly.

For final assembly stack the back pocket on top of the zippered piece and treat them as the back piece of the Sassy. Reminder – pull that zipper tab to the center before stitching all of the layers together.

I used the Fusion fusible Velcro for this project. I wet the area, then let it dry, to help the Velcro adhere better.

I used fabric glue and a frog closure to decorate the flap after the project was finished.

Next week we explore the Miranda Day Bag.