Potpourri: Quilty Pleasures, a 3-D Quilt, and Zipper Fun

Lazies, Today is all about Quilty pleasures. From indulging in a class over the weekend, to surfing some fun and inspiring links, won’t you join me in grabbing a cuppa cuppa and surfing a bit? I spent the day yesterday at a my very first Mystery quilt class at Creations SewClever in nearby Chillicothe, Ohio. The mystery part of it was supposed to be the quilt, deciphering clues as we progressed through the construction of our projects. For me, the mystery started off with wondering who (me) didn’t pack the foot pedal and power cord for my sewing machine. A rookie mistake if ever there was one. That cost me half an hour’s driving time. Dang.

Here’s a bad pic which doesn’t do the accent fabric any favors.
My iPhone camera has issues with the orange/red color family.

There was food, munchies, coffee/tea and camaraderie all day. The mystery there – who’s been holding out on these fine recipes. Dips, soup, breads, cookies. Then Quilty pleasures turned to guilty pleasures when the desserts hit the table. Check the Creation’s SewClever recipe archive. Oh my. It was a good day.

Oh, pool boy: Oh, and I finished my large lap sized mystery quilt top. That’s right, 30 blocks, two borders…DONE. The fabrics were pre-cut, and staff pressed and ripped as needed. As Sally Haskell commented on our Facebook page: ‘sounds like a quilter’s answer to a pool boy!’ I completely agree.

Here are some fun links around the web to get your quilty juices flowing.

National Quilt Day: March 20, 2010, Indulge in a Quilty pleasure! More info and ideas at the Checker Newsletter and NQA websites.

The ‘Oh My Goodness’ award (I just made that up) goes to Kathy York for her 3-D ‘Little Fish in a Big City’ quilt, posted at the Clothworks blog here. I’ll say it again, oh my goodness!

In the press. Our hospital gown was included in an article in the Chicago Tribune and the Orlando Sentinel. You can read the article here. Lazy Girl Pannay made a child’s gown and a few smart accompanying items, shown on her blog here. Blogger Kimberly Michelle made a beautiful gown using our pattern.

Seams to Me: Craftstylish has a nice piece on seam finishes here by Mary Ray.

Zipper fun: Jenny Jones posted a link at our Lazy Girl Facebook page for this fun zipper tutorial at Clotilde’s site.

Facebook: Are you hanging out at Facebook? Join our Lazy Girl page and share you photos and projects with us.

Grommet Love: Penny Haren’s grommet tutorial at Checker Newsletter has put my grommet fears to rest. I may have to give these little cuties a try.

I hope your week includes some quilty pleasures.


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7 Responses to “Potpourri: Quilty Pleasures, a 3-D Quilt, and Zipper Fun”

  1. Rita Fishel — March 8, 2010 @ 10:12 am

    Thanks sew much, Ms. Joanie Balonie, for your awesome Mystery review! Appreciate your friendship and glad you joined in on the fun! Hugs. Rita

  2. Sheila Perl — March 8, 2010 @ 12:13 pm

    Joan your Mystery Quilt is really lovely! Your review makes me want to rush out and register for a class 🙂
    Thank you for all the other info too!

  3. Penny — March 8, 2010 @ 12:22 pm

    Nothing like a good mystery quilt. Fabulous lap quilt. Oh and it was cut, love love that idea! What an uplift when you walk away with a finished product. Would love to check out all the links but need to get my butt to the gym! I am so glad you had a great time, will look at everything later while recupe from the gym LOL.

    Penny D in in 50degree YEA Chesapeake!

  4. Kathie Fosnaugh — March 8, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

    I love my weekends twice a year in Chillicothe! Wonderful quilting girlfriends! I’ve introduced many of my friends to the fun and they continue to come. It’s just a personal retreat to indulge in. The artistic creativity that flows in that big room is hard to describe. I love looking at everyone’s projects, as well as the gift exchange and Mrs. R.’s catering! We have a blast!

  5. Ruth - Amarillo — March 9, 2010 @ 6:12 am

    Quilty Pleasures? This is notice that I am going to steal this phrase! I’m going to use it somehow…don’t know just yet how, but I’m going to use it….I’m also thinking of the possibilities of a ‘Quilt boy’…. VERY nice quilttop Joan. You’re going to have a lot of nice memories everytime you see/touch/hold/fondleuse/enjoy this quilt.

  6. janet — March 9, 2010 @ 9:34 am

    Great quilt! How could a day with Rita Fishel NOT be wonderful — The quilt is just an excuse to be there!

    And thanks for mentioning National Quilting Day – woo hoo: this year it is also the first day of spring, so it sounds like a good time waiting to happen. Not too late to plan a party!

  7. Bonnie Jansen — March 23, 2010 @ 2:46 am

    Just found your website in the middle of night. I get up in the night because I have to check lambing barns. I turn on WJR radio to Truckers Radio Network and that is my absolute favorite time to sew, mend, quilt and read and use computer. Hubby and family know I am crazy, so I told them I will just sew a bunch of Crazy Quilts to leave behind after I die, so they can remember having said how crazy I am. They hate my messy dining room and beg me to sew elsewhere… but we have these wonderful bright fluorescent lights and it is warmer there than the rest of the house, so I make my sewing mess there. I put on an Underground Railroad Quilt Show in 2004 and since that time we have not been able to eat at the dining room table. Our son joined army and was sent to Iraq and was bombed; during that time I compulsively got up every night and just cut little squares and sewed quilt tops for military donations; my creativity and inventiveness and ability to finish quilts was gone…. In starting to recover from that ordeal, I donated thousands and thousands of quilt squares to a church group, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Brooklyn MI which I knew would finish quilts and get them mailed out… because they were featured in our newspaper. I also donated a quilt frame and a Brother sewing machine; I did not know or understand how to assemble the frame and I did not like the machine; turns out the very very generous, wonderful military man who came to pick up these items plus some quilting magazines took the items to his home. He secretly loved quilting and found it to be great therapy, with his PTSD from Viet Nam. He is a wonderful man and does so much to help impoverished soldiers here, through a Dire Needs group in Lenawee County and through Onsted American Legion Post. I have never ever for a minute regretted the thousands of dollars of machines (also a felting machine which I hated) and the quilting frame and the hours of compulsive cutting and sewing which I sent away in that man’s truck. I keep forgetting his name but he told me once in a restaurant they finished 36 quilts that year. And I never finished a one on my own so I am so proud of Sew Much Comfort, as well as Irish Hills Charitable Quilters and Sew What and so many charitable quilting groups.
    As for me, I can be creative and inventive as long as I am on my own in the middle of the night when I feel like I do not have time and telephone pressures (our phone line doubles as a business line and we also run a farm and I am politically active every 4 years). Hubby tolerates me, for 30 yrs now… and when he recently had back surgery and came toddling around the house on his pain pills and was prone to falling and forgetting he needed a walker to walk with, in all his nakedness, I was up and awake and there to catch him… and to bark out commands as to what he needed to do because that is the only way I could get him to listen to me. And my quilting hours in the middle of the night were my only enjoyable escape.