Miniature Quilt Room in a Box

Lazies, I saw a post on Pamdora’s Box the other day about a miniature art gallery dollhouse.  Well, I told my friend Penny Deckard, of The Cotton Vault about it and she emailed to tell me about a quilt-themed gift box she made for a friend.  When I saw the pictures, I told Penny it was too cute to keep to herself and I asked her to consider sharing this fabulous cutie with all of us and to tell us more about the project. Here’s the gift box with the lid sitting off to the side:


Here’s Penny:

“This gift box quilting scene was so fun to make. My friend owns a quilt shop & I have a quilting web store so it has become difficult to give gifts that don’t involve fabric. I go to a doll shop every Saturday & we make dolls/clothes, 2 years ago one of the ladies showed us her Christmas box & we were all off & running. I wish I had pictures of the others, a few are being made this year. I love playing with miniatures, I wish I had the patience for a miniature quilt (someday). Anyway she likes the Victoriana look, it all folds up into a gift box. Hubby wired the entire thing so the tree lights up & the candles on the mantle. It was fun fun! Thought you might like it.”


I love the details. Look at that kitty stretching on the rug. There’s a project in progress at the sewing machine. And the bolts of fabric, too! Click on each picture for a larger view.


I wish my sewing room was as nice and neat as this Victorian fantasy.  If this was a model of my sewing room there would be one inch of ‘stuff’ all over the floor with a narrow foot path throughout. Note to self – clean sewing room!

Penny, thanks for sharing this cute creation with us.  I love it.  I want one!!!!

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Images courtesy of Penny Deckard of The Cotton Vault.