Stiff Stuff

The new love of my bag-making life. Firm, yet flexible sew-in dense interfacing. Similar to, but softer than Timtex/Peltex. It’s forgiving and doesn’t hold the fold like those other guys. You can crumple a bag into a ball and it will bounce right back and stand up straight. Use it in place of fleece or batting in a structured bag. Great for table runners and placemats, too. Stiff Stuff = I need some of that stiff stuff to make my bag stand up.

Available in 20 in width by 10yd bolt SLG107, and by 20yd bolt SLG10720
Stiff Stuff Pack: 20 in x 40 in
Also available in 10 in squares SLG107SQ

– Firm, flexible, sew-in non-woven 100% polyester interfacing
– Purse/Tote, Home Decor, Craft
– Cut and use as needed in your project.
– Baste the layers together in the seam allowance prior to construction to hold layers together if preferred.
– No pre-shrinking is necessary.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash, dry low.