Fusi-Bond Lite

Create a strong bond between layers of fabric without adding weight or stiffness. Easy to sew, ideal for multi-layer appliqués in quilting, home decor, and wearables. Machine wash cold delicate, machine dry low heat.

Available in 17″ width
Also available 17″ x 1.25yds SLG1011

– Pre-wash fabrics without using fabric softeners to remove sizing.
– Trace a mirror image of the design on the paper side of Fusi-Bond.
– Place the adhesive side on the wrong side of the fabric.
– Press with iron set to medium, no steam, for 2 seconds. Allow to cool.
– Cut design from newly fused fabric. Peel away the paper backing.
– Place design, adhesive side down, on top of project. For cotton fabrics, press and hold iron for 4-6 seconds. For thicker fabrics, press an additional 2 seconds.
– Allow to cool. Hand or machine sew along the edges.

Care Instructions:
Sewable and Machine Washable