We Need Bigger Yo-Yo’s Please!

Lazies, I have to tell you when I saw Wheat Carr’s ‘Yo-Yo’s Gone Wild’ post about large fabric yo-yo’s I laughed out loud. I did see the project she shows on her blog from the current issue of Cutting Edge and I thought ‘That’s a yo-yo I could love’. Big yo-yo’s are much Lazier than small yo-yo’s – even if you might need a friend to make each one because they are so large.

You might recall that I fell in love with Clover’s new Yo-Yo tools (shown below) at Quilt Market in Houston in October.

So what would I do with huge yo-yo’s? First, as always, I think ‘bags’. Two oversized yo-yo’s would make the perfect sides of a bag.  Stitch them together for the bottom two-thirds, add a handle or two, and viola’ – a yo-yo purse.

Alright, who is going to tell Clover that we need the new yo-yo maker in size ‘huge/Lazy’? In the meantime, Wheat – if you make a large version, would you send it this way when you’re done?

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Image courtesy of Clover Needlecraft.