Dreamy Sew-In Fleece

Currently Unavailable: Dreamy Sew-In Fleece has a soft, perfectly cloudy and creamy composition with just the right fullness and body to add soft structure to your projects. It’s a polyester version of needle-punched quilt batting, only better because polyester won’t shrink or deteriorate in the wash.
100% polyester high loft sew-in fleece.Available in 45″ width
Also available in 1yd package SLG1051
– Cut to size needed, place adhesive side (rough side) onto wrong side of fabric.
– Set iron to medium, with steam.
– Press for 10-15 seconds with fabric on top of Dreamy Fusible Fleece.
– Use pressing cloth around the edges if needed to keep adhesive from getting
on iron or pressing surface.
– Allow piece to cool.
– No need to quilt when fused to fabric.

Care Instructions:
– Machine wash cool, machine dry low.