Kaye Wood Promotional Video

Lazies, I have another sneak preview to share with you. This time
it is a short promotional video clip from Kaye Wood, Inc. Turn your
sound on so you can hear the interview snippets with Kaye.


I don’t know how long this link will work. So, go check it out
sometime soon.

Here’s the story behind the clip. In December, Kaye Wood will tape
her 40th season of programs. 40!!!! That’s 40 times 13 episodes
over 20 years time. Her program, Kaye’s Quilting Friends, is shown
on PBS around the country. You can also catch some of her episodes
on QNN online. The promo video will give you a flavor for her
programming and a little time with Kaye as well.

See if Kaye is on in your area – find your local PBS station by
putting your zip code in here:


One of the reasons the video is online is to test it as a streaming
video. Kaye has plans to offer some of her programs for on-demand
viewing on her website in the future. I can’t wait to see that
happen. I’ve taped a number of shows with Kaye and would love for
them to be available on demand. That will be a great resource for

The current season of Kaye’s Quilting Friends has started airing
around the country. I taped two of the 13 episodes in this series.
One was for the Fanfare Log Cabin quilt, for which several Lazies
loaned me their quilts – Thank You! The other was for the Summer

Here is a link to Kaye’s site:


Kaye has asked me to tape with her for the 40th season! She has
something special planned for my participation and I’ll tell you
more about that as I get details.


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