Asian Fabric Magazine features the ‘Noriko Handbag’ by Lazy Girl Designs

Lazies, Please allow me to introduce you to the Noriko Handbag. Noriko originally appeared in Issue 7 of Asian Fabric magazine from Kona Bay Fabrics, November 2006. Get the pattern here.

I took my inspiration for Noriko from a football, a pumpkin and a teardrop. My concept for this design was to utilize one pattern piece for all parts of the project, with the exception of the handles. The cover and lining are composed of four identical pieces, which meet at the bottom and come to a soft point.


The gentle curve at the seams creates a stable base, allowing the bag to sit upright when resting. The sides of the bags can be tucked in to nestle into the bag, allowing it to pack flat when not in use. This is a simple, delicate bag, named after my interpreter for two business trips to Japan in recent years.

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