A Charitable Stash-Busting Tote-A-Thon

Lazies, Susan in PA wrote in recently to tell me that she donating lots and lots of bags made from our free With Love Tote pattern. I love emails like this. Look at all of these scrumptious bags!

Here’s Susan to tell us more
I gave the first six bags to the organization is A Woman’s Place (www.aWomansPlace.org) a few weeks ago.  Next Spring, another organization will fill the 50 bags and give them to A Woman’s Place.

The solo bag shows more specifics. I made the bags about 12 x 12, and pieced them from my leftovers from quilt making.

I think I probably used about 25 yards from my stash. My husband helped me put the various fabrics together. He was a huge help! I still had some odd pieces left that I cut into 4.5″ squares for some future project (an easy scrappy quilt? or more bags??)

Thank you so much for making the pattern available. Best wishes always,

Lazies, our one-yard, one-hour With Love Tote is available at our blog here:

You can make the tote smaller using 2/3 yard like Susan did. Information on how to do that is located on our blog here:

Great job Susan! Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.