What Happens To Your Life When Sewing Takes Over?

Lazies, There was a fabulous account of one sewing enthusiasts’ coming of age story in the New York Times yesterday.  Newly obsessed Michelle Slatalla shares her story of how she changed from a rational person with a fabric scrap to a full-blown sewing junkie.  Michelle manages to justify walking away from our chores in search of the always fulfilling art of sewing a straight seam. I have to say I liked Michelle immediately.

The Nautilus BallHere’s Michelle’s delightful story ‘On Pins and Needles, but Not Missing a Stitch’ which left me chuckling out loud. The New York Times’ website might require you to register (free) in order to see the article. I checked the link this morning before I posted to my blog and I could see the article without registering.

Kudos to you Michelle. Or better yet, I say ‘bodkins’ to you!

A big ‘Thanks’ to my friend RaNae Merrill for bringing this article to my attention. We needed some eye candy for this post so the quilt pictured here is The Nautilus Ball by RaNae using her Radiant II collection from Blank Quilting.

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One Response to “What Happens To Your Life When Sewing Takes Over?”

  1. Ellen — February 7, 2007 @ 12:30 pm

    Oh yeah sewing is an addiction, one I have had since childhood when I would sneak into my mother’s room to sew doll clothes on the treadle machine. She was a single parent and I was a latchkey kid so she knew or never let on. However I did not like home economics when they tried to “teach” me to sew. I knew what I was about, it was a journey of exploration, I did not need the nuns to show me the way to the light. Now I have a room just for sewing, more fabric I can use in a lifetime and three Berninas. One thing is for sure. What ever it is I can make for myself, it is freedom and it is joy. I will be retired in about a year and my plan is to stay home and sew. I do not want an RV, I do not need to travel. I have books, music, good radio, and coffee. All I need is twenty good years to sew and I will call it perfect.