Quilter’s Buzz gets Lazy!

Lazies, Gina Halladay has featured us on her Quilter’s Buzz blog today talking about our new ‘Bold Bags’ book from Leisure Arts.  Thanks Gina!

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I don’t know how Gina does it. I was only in Houston for two days, albiet, busy ones, and I came home with tons to tell you about. Gina was there for a longer time, attended more events, saw more people and is able to keep it all straight and tell us about it on her blog.

The skinny – Gina and I instantly bonded when we discovered we had the same lime green Tutto luggage. Do you need to know this? Well, maybe not, but when am I going to have an opportunity to show you my limey luggage? I unabashedly love this luggage and even taped a testimonial for it while exhibiting at a show in New Orleans last year.


Joan Hawley
Lazy Girl Designs

Image courtesy of Quilter’s Buzz

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One Response to “Quilter’s Buzz gets Lazy!”

  1. gina — November 7, 2006 @ 9:37 pm

    Lime Green Luggage Girls have to stick together! And now you have turned me on to Faux Croc…

    Happy Crafting and Blogging!
    Glad to have met you.