My Modern Day Sewing Circle

Lazies, From time to time, I feature projects on my blog made by members of the Lazy Girl Designs Yahoo group. The Lazies in the group are always up to something interesting, putting their own special touches on my designs, and sharing a fun story about how the project came to be in what has become a modern day sewing circle for Lazies.

I can only post so many of those pictures and stories on my blog, so if you’d like to see more, consider joining our Yahoo group, we’d love to have you.

See for yourself
I’ve never told you much about our Yahoo group, so let me invite you to take a look for yourself and tell you a bit about our group. Below is a slide show of some of the beautiful creations entered in the recent ‘Jump In June’ challenge hosted in the Yahoo group (yes, we have group activities and events).

If the slide show does not work on your screen, click here to open it in a new window.

Purpose of the Yahoo group
Our group is both a resource center and a meeting place for all things Lazy as well as anything sewing/quilting related. I’m there most days, checking in to see what everyone is up to, who made what, who has questions, etc.

Tell me more
The group is free to join. You can be active and post messages/pictures, or just hang out and see what everyone else is doing. We have lots of members who do that.

What is it like in the group?
We have one basic rule – be nice/play nice. We are an exceptionally well-behaved group, free of annoying spammers and advertisers. Aside from me, we have three fabulous Lazy moderators who help host our group: Susie, Regina and Lish – Lazy Girls Extraordinary!

I asked the Lazies to tell you about the group and here is what they had to say:

I know for myself that if I can see what others are making it makes me want to make it too!! Even if I’ve already made a ton!! The creativity of others inspires me and I just plain love seeing what others are doing and how they do it!!!
Lazy Girl Jeannie

I just love seeing how our Lazies think beyond the pattern and really make these bags their own. Creative uses of fabrics, embellishments (lots of yo-yo’s!!), found items, and BLING all combine to make every bag a one of a kind.
Lazy Girl and Group Moderator Regina

We share, we love our work, we support each other, and our interests are all the same. That being, our love of sewing and working together as a group.
Lazy Girl Joanie

The group started in January of 2005 and we’ve grown to more than 3,600 members from around the world. On behalf of the Lazies, we’d love for you to consider joining us. Here’s the link to the group.


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18 Responses to “My Modern Day Sewing Circle”

  1. Arlene Caterino — July 15, 2008 @ 9:34 am

    The bags are awesome. The gals have made a lot of neat bags.

  2. Bonnie — July 15, 2008 @ 10:16 am

    Love all the creativity!

  3. phyllis dayle jackson — July 15, 2008 @ 10:49 am

    These bags are absolutely outstanding. Everyone of them. Phyllis Dayle.

  4. ozjane — July 15, 2008 @ 10:50 am

    wow that was some slide show. It is so late …am really motivated now. Will have to come back to it.

  5. Carol Baum — July 15, 2008 @ 11:00 am

    I definitely have to get busy to try and match all of this creativity!

  6. Pam — July 15, 2008 @ 11:33 am

    What a FABulous display of creativeness! Love seeing how all the different fabrics have been used in each of the designs. Simply wonderful!

  7. Pat — July 15, 2008 @ 1:42 pm

    I’ve had the fabric and pattern in my “round tuit” pile for such a long time!
    After seeing these gems I WILL start today on the bag I had in mind many months ago. One less thing in my “Round tuit”.
    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

  8. Penny — July 15, 2008 @ 4:00 pm

    Fabulous blog today. I just love seeing everyone’s goodies. We are a very creative bunch aren’t we! Some are very prolific at making the bags and some of us (well, I mean me!) are very slow but it is so much fun no matter the speed at which we finish!

    Penny D in Chesapeake

  9. Donna Hogan — July 15, 2008 @ 4:04 pm

    I looked into the yahoo group, and saw that there were over 1,000 comments a month. Phooey on that. I have a life! and it ain’t on the computer reading about someones cute dog or the weather, and the comments without the last one erased before hitting send. Then there is the writer who answers all of them in a control freak method. Enough, of this.

    Love Lazy Girl designs, and the slide show was great. Very inspirational. Wish more of your designs could be found at the fall craft fairs… by me, of course. The little Sassy Bag? that I made for myself, girlfriend, and sister should be exposed to the world!

    Lazy Girl designs ROCK

    regard, d

  10. Joan Hawley — July 15, 2008 @ 4:07 pm

    Hi Donna,

    Yep, there definately is a conversation going on in the Yahoo group.

    Join and chat, or join for the resources, or just keep us in mind, we’ll be there if you need us and want to join.


  11. Susie — July 15, 2008 @ 8:11 pm

    I love this group and there is always the option of NO EMAILS when you join if it overwhelms you. 🙂
    A few of the many reason this group is so awesome is to learn and SEE such wonderful creativeness, another is the creator/owner/Joan helps us out so much and so do some of the other gals.
    The resources are awesome.

  12. T Pino — July 15, 2008 @ 10:38 pm

    Thanks for the slideshow. I really enjoy the photos and being part of the LGD yahoo group. I sent several of my fellow quilters an email with a link to todays blog. I know that they will like the site as much as I do. Please keep up the good work! I love your patterns!

  13. Judy Bigelow — July 16, 2008 @ 1:53 am

    The bags are fantastic! I’ve looked and looked at all the purse patterns but haven’t until now been thinking about making one for myself. After seeing all of the wonderful creations I HAVE to make a couple for myself!

  14. Marlene Duffy — July 16, 2008 @ 5:37 pm

    I loved the slide show & the bags are fablous . I have made the Sassy bag twice I think its the cutest thing & I,ve made 5 of the Gracie Bags , I want to make more bags but had to take a break to finish some quilts .

    Your designs are lovely , thanks for sharing them with us


  15. barbara javni — July 17, 2008 @ 6:49 am

    How are you?

    i like what i see on your webpages in Lazy girl but i live in Australia and having touble gettting stuff off you.
    also the money is in au dollars.

    have you got a surgestion?
    i like to sew and knit too

  16. eleanor — July 17, 2008 @ 7:35 am

    I love seeing the creative uses, it makes me want to start immedicately!

  17. Kim — July 19, 2008 @ 5:30 pm

    I LOVE the slide show! Beautiful!

  18. Kathy-Anne Carr — August 10, 2008 @ 7:07 pm

    The new site looks great! I love your patterns – they work up really well.