Laugh Your Way to More Creativity

Have you had your chuckles lately? Finding humor in things is good for your brain. I just read an article in Reader’s Digest about the benefits of humor on increasing creativity. I had never heard this about the benefits of humor before. Reader’s Digest has the article posted on its website in six parts. Here’s a link to the sixth part that focuses on increasing creatively. Once at the site for the article, click on the other five parts in the ‘In This Store’ section to the right.

Increasing our creative juices is something I believe a lot of us struggle with in regard to our fabric crafting. From a creative standpoint, I struggle the most with finding alternate sewing and construction methods for my designs. I’m convinced that easier methods must be possible for many of the traditional sewing/quilting techniques we were raised with or learned along the way.  I never would have imagined that finding humor in things would increase my creativity, but I plan to exercise this option a lot more in the future.

I start my day by reading the comic strip ‘Non Sequitur’ because I enjoy its wry humor.  Now I know that I should read it for the good of my business.  🙂  Oh, please give me more job responsibilities like this one.


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One Response to “Laugh Your Way to More Creativity”

  1. Gina Milano — November 28, 2006 @ 11:48 am

    I tell my sewing students about the creativity link between the “Ha-Ha factor” vs the “Aha! factor.”

    My classes ALWAYS go better when I start by passing out a page (or half page) of printed humor… usually fun jokes from the internet.

    The humor page entertains people while they wait for the rest of the class to arrive and get set up. Their mood lightens… and they start talking to the person next to them. They know they’re here to have fun! The pages are never left behind! They take them home to share with their family… post on the refrigerator, or mail/email.