Do You Sew?

Lazies, I just stumbled upon an article referenced in Cheryl Johnson’s blog about how it’s hip to be sewing.

Joan and Cheryl Johnson at Quilt Market, Houston, October 2006

Here’s a picture of me (left) and Cheryl at Quilt Market in Houston recently. My hipness isn’t showing in this picture, but my Gracie Handbag (made with Maywood Studios fabric from a few years back) is featured quite nicely. I think I could imply some hipness if I either carry my machine with me or perhaps hang it like a charm from a bracelet.

In a mangled tribute to the famous quote by philosopher Rene’ Descartes, come out from behind your machines and proudly declare, ‘I sew, therefore I am…hip‘.

Okay, go read the article.


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Image courtesy of Leisure Arts.

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