Calico Gals Quilt Shop ‘Goes Along for the Ride’

Lazies, I love when the world of quilting collides with the mainstream press.

Our very own Lazy Girl Janet Lutz’s store was mentioned in the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper on Friday. Janet’s quilt shop, the Calico Gals in Fayetteville, NY, was included in a humor piece by columnist Jeff Kramer.

Read the article here.

Jeff’s story left me wondering a few things:
– Is Jeff Kramer a quilter?
– Is there a ‘Harvest Spice’ quilt design?
– Why no pictures? (We’re a visual group.)
– And why wasn’t a Lazy Girl bag part of his ensemble?

How could Jeff go on a trip like that without a bag to tie the quilt and pillow together to complete his ensemble? Certainly he would want a coordinating carry-all. A Lazy Girl Designs Purse-Nickities would provide a tidy zip-top bag, and materials could be selected to tie the quilt and embroidered pillow together nicely.

If Jeff is so learned in our craft as to discern between quilting from knitting, (Quilted Northern Quilters misstep from years past). And to string together words such as ’embroidered muslin throw pillow’. I’d expect Jeff to be aware of the strong presence of bags and totes at Calico Gals. Just two short years ago, the Calico Gals were named as one of the five winning ‘Laziest Shop in America’ quilt shops.  They are Lazy from here to their old-barn rafters!

Perhaps I’ll send Jeff a note…and a stylish Harvest Spice-ish, embroidered muslin zip top manly carry-all.



Image courtesy of Calico Gals.

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One Response to “Calico Gals Quilt Shop ‘Goes Along for the Ride’”

  1. Jen Buettner — February 5, 2008 @ 10:49 am

    Oh, tell me you’ve found this harvest spice. Otherwise I’ve got an ugly one that I’m looking to donate somewhere! I was actually looking for a picture to show a friend and when your blog came up I just started giggling!!