‘Hippie’ bag made with Blank Quilting fabrics

Lazies, I made this fun ‘Hippie’ bag, from my ‘Bold Bags’ book with Leisure Arts using fabrics from the ‘Tribeca’ line by Blank Quilting.  I fell in love with the turquoise/royal blue colorway of these fun prints.  I used a stripe for the cover, squares for the lining and two differnt dots for the finge.  I paired the fabrics with the Elderberry colored faux leather handles from Leisure Arts.  Click to enlarge the photos below.

Hippie bag - Blank Quilting, Tribeca, Turquoise colorway side view 

Hippie bag - Blank Quilting, Tribeca, Turquoise colorway


I followed the pattern from the book and substituted fabric fringe for the faux leather fringe.  I fused two different color versions of the same style fabric together using Steam-A-Seam 2 from the Warm Company.  This created fringe with a ‘lighter’ side and a ‘darker’ side.

I alternated the light/dark side for the first row of fringe.  The remaining four rows of fringe are a little less organized.  As the bag grows wider toward the bottom, more fringe fits on each line.  I loved the fuscia dots on the fringe and they match perfectly with the Elderberry faux leather handles.  I also tried the light purple handls, but Elderberry really made the colors in the bag pop.

Here are the fabrics used to make this bag:
1/2 yard stripe for the cover:   #BTR 4226 Turquoise
1/2 yard squares for the lining:#BTR 4224 Turquoise
1/2 yard dots for the fringe:    #BTR 4225 Royal
1/2 yard dots for the fringe:    #BTR 4225 Turquoise

You will need all the remaining supplies as listed for the Hippie bag in the ‘Bold Bags’ book from Leisure Arts. www.LeisureArts.com Bold Bags, item #4153. Suggested retail is $8.95

Click here for a printable version of this information:  Hippie Bag Blank Quilting information sheet


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4 Responses to “‘Hippie’ bag made with Blank Quilting fabrics”

  1. Carolyn H. — October 26, 2006 @ 4:44 pm

    This bag is gorgeous. The blues make a world of difference, it is amazing to me, I hardly recognize it as the same bag as the prior pink one. These bags are going to be a hit.

  2. Mary Baker — January 14, 2007 @ 1:01 pm

    Joan, You have a winner in this bag and especially in these fabrics. The elderberry handles are perfect and provide the right POP. Great choices. You are so good to us. I am getting back in the world of sewing.
    Like it not, (haha), you will be hearing from me again.
    Thanks, You do so much for the Lazies. We Love it. Thanks ,
    Mary B in FW, TX

  3. Janice — August 7, 2011 @ 4:51 pm

    Wow, thanks for this wonderful blog post. It is great that you shared how you made one of your hippie bags. Using great materials will really result to great product too that is why this bag is awesome. I love it. Thanks for posting the materials that you made. Maybe if I have time, I will try to do my own hippie bag. Thanks again.


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