Bold Bags Book, Project Insider Tips!

Lazies, Here is some insider info about getting started with the Bold Bags book…when it finally gets here.

Mod Bag Mod Bag 2

Two of the bags, Mod (shown above) and Cup of Coffee (shown below), use the exact same supplies. Take a look at the project supply list. You can get that here

Cup of Joan, that's a pun people!  

For each of these bags, you need two sheets of croc, one handle from a double handle pair, and your choice of items from a package of Hooks, Rings, and Chains. These two bags use our new zipper installation – which I can’t wait for your to try.

Exclusively You Products: I used the ‘orange’ croc, which looks like a tanned leather version of orange. It’s definately a little more brown, a bit darker than a pumpkin. All of the seams on this project are wrong sides together, with the seam allowances to the outside and it creates a sophisticated, and modern, finish. The grain of the croc is vertical for the Mod bag, and horizontal for the Cup of Joan, I mean Cup of Coffee bag.  That was my personal name for a ‘cup of joe’.  Why must it be ‘Joe’?  He’s not relevant here.

On the Mod bag, I attached a hook to a ring and added it to the ring of the handle.

Brass purse hardware 

My vision for the Mod bag was what I can best describe as an inside-out bag. What the heck does that mean? Well, the Mod bag is a zippered pocket with a handle. And it’s pretty darned flat, fron to back, at the top. I envisioned using the rings of the handle to attach a cell phone, keys, decorative fobs, small iPod, etc. Then use the zippered compartment for your Wonder Wallet, and other goodies that need safe-keeping. I thought the Mod bag would be perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, with all the essentials clipped to the top of the bag and easily accessible.

Cup of Joan 2

The Cup of Coffee bag speaks for itself – I love coffee! Perhaps a little too much. Look at the strong fold where the front of the bag becomes the bottom.  I did not use an iron for any pressing on this project.  To achieve that sharp turn, I folded the bag right there, pinched it by hand, then used my sewing machine to stitch right next to the fold, from side seam to side seam, creating a ‘pin tuck’ if you will.  I probably stitched about 1/16th of an inch from the fold.  That gave the bag a sharp ‘edge’ for the front and back at the bottom of the bag.  It also allows the bag to stand-up. I used the same technique for the bottom edge of the Mod bag, however, I did not stitch over the zipper.

I used a poly all-purpose 12″ zipper, in black, from Coats & Clark for each bag.  I like their zippers because I can easily sew across the teeth.


Rings image courtesy of Leisure Arts.

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