Autumn Leaves And Warm Fall Colors Greet The New Owners Of These Miranda Day Bags

Lazies, Eight of these beautiful, Autumny, and yummy, Mirandas will be attending Quilt Market next week on the arms of their yet-to-be-determined owners! Intrigued? Excellent, read on…

Miranda Day Bag with Amber ‘U’ shaped handles from Clover.

Checker Distributors created these eight Miranda Day Bags for the Fabric Shop Network member’s dinner event at Quilt Market in Houston next week. Thanks to Checker, these bags will go home with 8 lucky Lazies (store owners) from that dinner.

Miranda is also outfitted with a convenient shoulder strap from Leisure Arts.

A Bright Idea
When store owners return from Market, they are challenged to get samples made of all the new designs they’ve purchased. Checker’s clever idea is to create samples that store owners could use during the show and then have a sample for use in the store when they get home.

Test Drive Miranda At Market
Checker has equipped these Mirandas with beautiful Clover fashion handles and a detachable, comfy, stylish shoulder strap using a Leisure Arts 27″ Mock Snake handle and swivel clasps.

Checker filled the bags with all sorts of goodies. From bottled water, a note pad and pen (essentials for getting around the floor) to an assortment of Creative Grids rulers for use when they get home. What a fabulous package.

How To Get One
The Mirandas will be at the much-anticipated member’s dinner for Fabric Shop Network, the trade organization for independent quilt and fabric shop owners. FabShop hosts this fun-filled event, always with a creative theme, just before the Market opens for business. The Mirandas will be part of the fun at the FabShop dinner and that’s all I’m allowed to say in advance of the event.

Clover Needlecraft
Clover contributed some of my favorite fashion handles to Checker’s project. The amber colored ‘U’ shaped handles, item #6334, are like a cross between a reddish tortoise coloring with a bamboo styling. It’s simply cool and happens to go great with earth tones.

Amber ‘U’ Shaped Handle pair from Clover.

Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts contributed their new Mock Snake 27″ handle in copper, as well as the swivel clasps which make the strap detachable. The handle works as a shoulder strap, which clips on at the side seams. The copper coloring goes beautifully with the fabrics.

27″ Mock Snake handle in Copper from Leisure Arts.


Fabric and Product Details
Main part of bag: Galaxy Fabrics, Beige Brown Silhouetted Vines, Item #SIG625-12
Bottom, pockets, flap closure: Galaxy Fabrics, Beige Brown Silhouetted Leaves, Item #SIG067-12
Lining: Kaufman Rust Marbleous” Item #DRJ6110179
Clover Needlecraft ‘U’ Shaped Handle Pair in Amber, item #6334 
Leisure Arts Exclusively You 27″ Mock Snake handle in copper, item #28518
Leisure Arts Exclusively You set of two each Rings, Hooks and Chains in Silver, item #28519

I haven’t seen these beauties in person and can’t wait to see them walking around the show. Quilt Market and the FabShop dinner are trade events for the quilt industry and are closed to the public.


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5 Responses to “Autumn Leaves And Warm Fall Colors Greet The New Owners Of These Miranda Day Bags”

  1. Penny — October 19, 2007 @ 7:08 am

    Gosh now I want one in fall colors and I have a huge collection of those! You are killing me Joan! There will be some lucky shop owners at that dinner!


  2. Lish — October 19, 2007 @ 7:31 am

    Oh wow!! These are so pretty! It’s amazing how different she looks when she’s dressed in different clothing…. My patterns arrived yesterday….and this weekend will be a Mirandafest! I can’t wait!! I might even have enuf fabric left to make a gracie and wallet too!

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo when’s the next new one coming??? Can I order it now???


  3. Jen Funk Weber — October 19, 2007 @ 11:02 am

    Gorgeous! Very nice of Checker, and very lucky for some shop owners. Kinda makes me wish I was a shop owner, except even then I’d want to make it myself.

  4. phyllis D. jackson — October 22, 2007 @ 7:06 pm

    What kind of interfacing to we use on the outer fabric. The purses are beautiful. All of them. phylis

  5. Janet Wilson — March 10, 2008 @ 3:13 pm

    Hello Joan,
    I have just finished my Miranda bag, loved the directions,
    but much larger than the approx. size you state for finished..
    and yes, did everything cut to your specs.

    Love all your patterns, have made your back pack, and other purses.
    Janet Wilson

    – – – – –

    Hi Janet,

    So glad you liked the pattern!

    The dimensions for the finished bag are for the base of the bag (width and depth) and the height.

    If measuring across the top edge of an empty bag, pulling the bag straight from side seam to side seam, then yes, it won’t seem like my dimensions match. However, when the bag is in use, the top of the bag is more in line with the shape of the bottom, becoming more rectangular over all.